E81: 4 irritating winter skin issues (and the solutions!)


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Ahhhh the winter time, don’t we just love the -42 degrees crisp mornings, when your car cannot start? Well, every winter season, there’s always common irritating and annoying skin concerns that come up because of the harsh environmental season. Tune in or read the podcast to know more!


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Hello everyone welcome back to the podcast Emilie here as usual better known as the metal fairy and today we are talking about four things in the winter that can happen and the way that you can solve them. So these are four things that I hear about all the time and I’m I’m inspired today to talk about this because it is currently with the wind factor. I think it’s about minus 42 degrees Celsius today. So this inspired me to just do a little impromptu podcast, just to talk about annoying winter skin issues that we all go through that I hear about all the time that I thought it would be, you know something very interesting for you to listen to. So you can have some solutions to common skincare problems in the winter. So the first one is going to be chaplets. So we all know that in the winter with the freezing temperature the dry air the gusty winds. We all experienced chaplets I think it’s a very common one. But the thing that I’ve noticed is that not a lot of people are using a treatment lip cream at night to repair the skin. So you’ve heard me talk about this before but the skin is really into repair mode at night. So during the day you want to make sure you protect and you hydrate and you nourish your skin. You just want to make sure it’s protected right and you’re keeping that moisture in the skin and you’re wearing your SPF but in the nighttime your your moisture barrier needs some repairing actions, some treatment in order to be more efficient in the daytime so it doesn’t really act the same at the nighttime versus the daytime. Some of you may experience this a lot during the day you’re going to be a little bit more oily in the skin.
And that’s totally normal is because your moisture barrier is in kind of like an overdrive status because it’s trying to protect itself against the environment. So it’s going to produce more oils in order to make sure that it’s really protected. Versus the nighttime you won’t wake up with a face full of oil. It just doesn’t work that way. So that’s why it just doesn’t work the same am and pm you just have to find the little tricks in order to treat your skin at night so it can be repaired and it can be more protective. During the day. So dry, chapped lips.
Lips are a little different than the rest of our skin because they don’t really produce oil. It’s like an area that just doesn’t really have a lot of sebaceous activity. So you have to find a way to keep them hydrated in the cold dry hair. And sometimes that’s really really hard because we you know we tend to go for lip bones but if you look at the ingredient list on common lip balms that you’ll find in in the stores, most of them have petroleum which is not really great for the skin. So you want to make sure you’ve got something that will treat the skin. So what I would do would be a couple of times a week I will use a gentle lip scrub just to remove the dead flaky skin that’s just built on top with time remember when you nourish or hydrate your skin, there’s no point to do that on dead dry skin cells. You want to do that on the new ones that come to the surface right? So remove the superficial dryness and then you want to use a treatment lip cream. The one that we recommend is the lip zone complex and swissline. I tell you, you need the smallest amount. The smallest amount like the clients that use it cannot believe how the smallest amount will go so far around all the lips around on that area. So it is you just need to find the right product to treat your skin and don’t forget to protect your lips with SPF. There’s a lot of people that go out in the wintertime and they go you know skiing they go do winter activities and they get burned on the lips because they don’t put any SPF on the lips so make sure when you put on your powder or your sunscreen, protect your lips at the same time super, super, super important. So I’m going to put a link below so you guys can check out the lip product that I mentioned a for for your dry lips. Honestly I leave it on my bedtime table. I use it every night I never forget and on my lips honestly during the winter are never Chappie ever and I don’t even use lip balm it during the day. So do that and that will fix your lip issues. Now the second one and this is something that happens to me in the winter is having cracked heels. So the feet unfortunately they just get worse and worse as with as winter drags on, and it’s super annoying because you look at your feet and you’re like Oh my God. They look disgusting and crank cracky so you want to stay on top of it and you want to prevent the cracking before it comes so the solution is that you need to find like a thick ointment, something that’s going to be really really heavy that you’re going to put on your feet and that you’re going to sleep with socks that will prevent the moisture from escaping, and it’s really going to help force the ointment to soak into the feet. The one that I recommend is in given give all has a really nice and thick bone for Cracked feet. It is the thickest thing I’ve ever played with in terms of cream, but you put that all over your feet you put your socks on and you go to bed with them. And the next day if you do that consistently for a week, your feet will never crack in the winter. So if you’re someone that already does that, I would just keep doing it on a consistent basis during the winter. Not necessarily every night if you’re on top of it, but I think it would be it would be very it’s a preventive trick in order to prevent the crack Enos to come with your skin on your feet. So if you’re already on top of it, you can do it a couple times a week, maybe three times a week. If you’re already cracked and you want to fix it ASAP. Do it for a week straight and you will see it will completely remove the cracked skin. Now number three is a so it’s a very common one is the dry peeling nose. So when you think about it, the nose is exposed to everything environmental, like environmental wise. The winter air hits your nose, it’s the first thing it’s going to hit because it kind of pulls out of your face right? And it it’s really going to dry out the the membrane around the nose and sometimes the little cracks where you usually get super dry. It’s it’s hard for the skin to retain the moisture because of that environmental exposure because of the UV damage. It’s just one of those spots that is oftentimes really pili and very flaky for a lot of people. So first and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re not using something that’s too dry on your skin obviously that’s going to be the first thing that you’re going to look at but if normally speaking you’re fine in the winter and summer and in the winter you’re like oh my god my knows what’s going on. You want to make sure that you’re properly applying your products. So you know when you’re in a rush, and you’re just like slapping on your creams and your serums but the cracks around your nose. Do you actually take time to apply the products in the cracks of your nose? Probably not. So for the next month, I’m gonna give you a challenge. Every time you put your creams on your serums in the morning and at night. Make sure that you focus on the cracks of your nose. Okay, take some take your cream, and even before putting it on over your entire face, put it on your nose and in the cracks and Curt like do like do a moment of it to make sure I’m actually doing it right now while I’m speaking in the mic but make sure that you’re actually pushing in your products into the cracks of your nose. Trust me you’re gonna see a difference because you’re probably you’re probably not taking the time to apply it in the nooks and crannies of your face. And that’s probably why you have a dry peeling nose. Okay, if once you do that and you’re still peeling make sure that you have a regular exfoliating technique. And again, when you exfoliate your face do you actually take the time to go in those cracks of the nose to remove the flakiness of the dye. The dry dead skin cell build up. So I think when it comes to the nose if your products are all good if you have the right skincare regimen if you if that’s all good if you’re drinking a lot of water if you’re doing all the things take the time to apply your creams and serums on the cracks of your nose. I swear you will see a difference because you’re probably not paying attention to it. And that’s why it’s already it’s always flaky in the wintertime. I think one of the things that I noticed is that you know we’re all busy. We’re always busy. We’re always doing things fast. We want the quickest way to put on our creams because we don’t take the time. But when you think about it if you wash your face half ass if you don’t take the time to cleanse and tone if you don’t take the time to exfoliate, couple times a week. It’s all little things that eventually will show up on your skin and you’ll have little skin concerns that you’re like why is it this way? Well take the time to put on your cream on the cracks of your nose. It’s that simple. I see it as your cuticles on your nails. So you know you have those beautiful dip nails beautiful and everything but your cuticles are dry. What I do and again it’s kind of like the nose idea. I actually take the time every night to put on a specific treatment cuticle cream on my cuticles while I watch our little shows at night before we go to bed. I put it on my cuticles and I tell you my cuticles are not as dry as they usually are because I do wash my hands like 20 million times a day. So they tend to get dry and that’s normal because I’ve watched him so much. But I take the time to apply the cuticle treatment cream on every single cuticle and I just make a moment out of it. So it’s the same idea with your nose. It’s just pay attention to it and apply your stuff on the nose. Now, if you want another tip on top of that, you could use something that’s a little bit thicker, just for your nose. I know that’s a little bit like okay, Emily, are you gonna have like a precise nose cream? No, probably not. But if you have it brings me to my my fourth trick if you have flaky skin in the winter, adding a night cream that is a lot thicker and more nourishing to your skin would be a nice trick to treat your skin at night.
But you could use that cream a little bit more thick around your cracks the cracks of your nose. Okay. So like I said cracky flaky skin in on the face in the wintertime is so so common. So every time that happens, you know you want to make sure that it’s it’s it’s the moisture barrier right so you want to make sure that you’re using products at home that are going to always always nourish and repair the moisture barrier. So the thing that happens is that it’s it can be challenging during the winter because cold temperatures and low humidity will cause the dry air to put water out of your skin. So, you know it’s it’s that every day consistently every day will damage your barrier and it’s going to cause tiny little invisible cracks in the skin and then the moisture escapes through these cracks and it makes you even harder. It makes it harder for you to edit for your skin to retain the moisture. So it’s kind of like a little vicious circle. So you always have to work against it. You have to be preventive about it. So I think for me, in the nighttime, I make sure to either add a thicker nourishing cream that will treat the moisture barrier at night for my clients or I will add a serum at night to make sure that we’re treating precisely the moisture barrier. So one of the two products that I love to recommend you’ve got the peace booster which has nicely to mide and tranexamic acid in it. So that precise booster works a lot on redness, unevenness and it will tackle the moisture barriers health. So that’s a really cool product to add to any of your skincare regimen because it goes with any product line that you’re using. But its precise role is really to tackle the moisture barrier. And when you think about it, a lot of skin issues happen because your moisture barrier is not healthy. So that little hero tool is really really handy to use. That’s something that I recommend to a lot of people because I see it right away the skin is just that has that like redness, underlying and flakiness, peace booster boom in three weeks, you’re gonna see a huge difference.
Another thing that I like to do again is to switch out their routine and to make sure that they have a night treatment that they can use I love to recommend the apple comm in full detail swissline It is such a thick, do we cream that’s going to repair the softness of your of your face. It’s going to repair also your skin and die down the inflammation levels. So you may think me personally I don’t have sensitive skin however, I feel that as I get a little older every year I feel like you know I can’t get away with using like the lightest moisturizer that just doesn’t work for me anymore. My skin needs more treatment and more heaviness. So in the nighttime I actually use the Aqua comb to make sure that I’m on top of the inflammation levels to make sure that my skin stays stays soft. Do we hydrated and protected. So and you see a difference with that cream like it’s it’s it’s such a cool cream they actually trial that cream on people that had I think they were so they were stung by bees. It was like an experiment that they did and they used the prototype of that cream to see how it would calm inflammation and repair the skin after that. injury. And it works like a charm. So it’s a really really cool cream to have in the wintertime especially if you’re concerned with Hey, my skin’s flaky, it’s dry and because my skin is flaky and dry, it’s more red and inflamed. Well the Aqua calm is a perfect solution for you. So the last thing that I could say would be if you’re doing everything every everything, maybe add a serum or add a specific nighttime treatment, whether it’s moisturizer or serum to tackle the the moisture barriers health. We tend to forget about the moisture barrier we tend to be obsessed with like oh wrinkles and pigmentation and you know, all these little skin concerns. But if the moisture barrier is not healthy at the base, your skin’s not going to take in all the other treatments that you’re trying to give it it’s gonna say hey, the moisture barrier right here is it’s not healthy. So I don’t care about the college and I don’t care about the turbos and ACE inhibitors. I don’t care about retinol. You’re drying me out I need moisture barrier one on one cocooning. So that’s why I always like to have at least one ingredient or one product and my clients regimen that will always make sure that we’re tackling hydration and that we’re protecting the moisture barrier is super, super important. Now I’m not going to talk about moisture barrier for the whole the whole episode because that’s an episode on its own. There’s a lot of things that do influence the health of your moisture barrier. So I might talk about this the next time because it is winter and it’s probably a good idea to do a little refresh on how important it is to protect your moisture barrier. So I hope this inspired you to protect your skin in the winter time to go back to soothing ingredients to make sure that you you know apply your creams in the nooks and crannies of your face because sometimes we just we go too fast and we just don’t and that’s why you’re pili that’s why you’re flaky. So it’s all about the little things guys, the little things matter. So I will chat with you guys on the next episode and FYI, we just received our Visia scanner. If you guys don’t know Visia, Google it, it is an amazing scanner. It shows you all the layers. I think it shows you eight different layers of your skin. I haven’t been trained on it so I can’t talk about it too much because I want to make sure I’m able to explain it well. It is so cool. I’ve done little trials with it with my own skin and wow, it’s gonna be amazing when we do our event in April.
And yes, we’re doing an event in April. So, so yeah, we got our Visia scanner. Check it out. Check it out on our website. There. Everything is there. But it’s really, really interesting. If you live in the Ottawa area. Make sure that you you know stay tuned on our social media at Meta Esthétique Just to make sure that you see what we’re doing because we have plenty of new things that are coming for 2023 All right on this very cold day where I am whereas minus 42 degrees Celsius. I wish you a warm day. Wherever you are in the world and we will chat very very soon.