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If this is your first visit at Meta Esthétique, here you can find all the details on our framework.

I've been going to Meta for many years. I can say that my skin has been very well taken care of. I love their facility, everyone's lovely personality and their products are outstanding quality. They have helped me to keep a beautiful, supple and radiant skin. I get lots of compliments for my skin..... so I send them to Meta. They are the best for me.

Step 1 - skin analysis

It’s important for us to understand the skin conditions you have in order to make the best recommendations possible. A full intake health form will be truthfully filled out.

Your skin therapist will take the time to assess your skin concerns and map out a plan of action for what you are looking for. 

step 2 - custom program

A series on treatments and products will be prescribed to achieve your skincare goals. All our programs are custom and tailored to your unique skin type. Before and after pictures are taken prior to starting the first treatment.

We will have initial repairing treatments to prepare and strengthen the skin for more invasive future treatments, depending on the client’s skin status and concerns.

Results can take between 6 to 18 months

Step 3 - maintenance

Our skin is constantly changing (hormones, seasonal, stress, diet, life changes, etc.). Keeping it restored and rejuvenated is part of having a healthy skin, this is where the maintenance magic happens. 

Timeframe: A treatment is generally recommended every 6-8 weeks, depending on treatment and skin care goals as the skin changes.


cancellation policy

We require a 24h notice for cancellations or changing appointment times. If no-shows or cancellations are less than a 24h notice, you will be charged 50% of the value of the booked service. 

We understand genuine emergencies and illness happen, and those will be exempt from our cancellation fee. We thank you in advance for respecting our time.

14 day rule of thumb

If you have received any injectable services (Botox or Fillers) we need 14 days before or after doing a facial treatment. 

We also need 14 days after sun exposure to perform an IPL or stronger chemical peels.

We are unable to treat your if you’ve received injectables within the last 14 days, or have active cold sores.

Be ready with your questions!

Every appointment we reassess and revise your current home regimen and treatment plan. Come with all your questions or any concerns that you may have so we can address them during the time of the appointment.

Not sure what to book?

If you use our Online Booking System, and booked a particular service, if the skin is not in a good condition to receive this service, we will take the liberty to switch the service for what works best for the current skin condition.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 10:30m – 6pm

Saturday 9:30am – 3pm

Closed Sundays & Mondays



Email: hello@themetaesthetique.com


250A Lyon St N Ottawa Ontario K1R 5W2