The perfect solution to start or continue your current skincare journey

Not sure where to begin with your skin? We have a great option for you!

Who can benefit from this?

If you are ready to invest in the long term health and beauty of your skin and body, but you do not know where to start. Skin Tightening, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Wrinkle treatments, this can all be overwhelming and quite CONFUSING! 

You want amazing skin with an easy to follow routine with the best skin care products on the market, but all the big chain stores have you confused on what to use. We’ve heard ALL the stories, and can help!

Do you want to see a change in your skin, but you’re too busy to figure out exactly what you need to do? It definitely is hard to figure out without expert advice.

Have you taken care of your skin for a while with Meta, have a dedicated program, but want to benefit from the extra savings?

This is where the Velvet VIP Membership benefits YOU!

Is this for you?

If you...

  • love to see results
  • are patient with your skin journeys
  • want to come in monthly 
  • love preferred rates
  • want to be part of a small community
  • are open and ready to listen to product recommendations from your Meta Fairy
  • are ready to change your home routine for the better
  • want to feel special

if you...

  • don’t prioritize selfcare or your skin
  • don’t want results
  • don’t want to come in monthly
  • don’t like preferred rates
  • are not interested in taking care of your skin
  • are not open to product recommendations
  • will not change your routine and habits for better skin
  • don’t want to feel special

The Velvet VIP Monthly Membership

The details to this membership are right below!

Note: If you are an Original Founding Member from when the membership was launched, 

you are keeping the OG monthly pricing for life unless you cancel 

109$ per month

You can use your monthly fee towards the Boosting Glow Treatment (or any other service of choice.) 

Double cleanse, exfoliation, serum infusion and 20min Light Stim LED Infusion

Please note that we can apply your monthly fee to ANY service, it doesn’t have to be the Boosting Glow Treatment. The 109$ will cover the entire Boosting Glow Treatment (regular price at 149) when you choose to do this one.

6 months commitment

The initial commitment is 6 months. We will establish your personal plan for the next 6 months. 

Once the 6th month is done, it’s month-to-month afterwards.

Automatic payments

You can decide either to pass your payment on the 1st or the 15th of the month.

Payments will be done with a valid credit card number.


10% off retail and members giveaways

YES, you will receive 10% off on ALL regular priced products during the time of your membership.

You will also be entered in our monthly members only giveaways which consist of either a treatment or a full size retail product.

You will also have access to exclusive retail promotional offers that are only offered to our members

Invites to "off menu" event parties

That’s right, OFF MENU services will be offered to you in the form of members only events with treatments that are NOT offered to the public EVER.

up to 20% off on all other services

We can upgrade you at any point in time to another service than the one that is included in your membership. 

We will apply the 99$ towards it, and you simply pay for the difference. Easy, peasy!

service comparision

Please note that all services require a consultation prior

How does this work? We will establish your 6 month plan at the time of the membership sign up. We simply apply the 109$ you pay monthly towards the VIP pricing of the selected service, and you pay the difference at the time of the appointment! You can also choose to use your monthly fee towards the Boosting Glow Treatment, which will entirely be covered buy your automatic payment.

Esthetic treatments

paramed Treatments

Enhancements to treatments
(upgrades/add ons)

Membership Terms and Policies

Here are our policies to follow for our membership. 

Please note that a contract will be signed.

6 months commitment required. Benefits *cannot* be accrued and *must* be redeemed monthly. There are *no roll overs*. If you miss your treatment on any given month, it does not roll over to the next month. If you are in a situation that you cannot reschedule your monthly appointment in the same month, members have the option to transfer their monthly memberships to a friend or family member.

Membership will continue auto-renew after the first 6 month commitment UNLESS canceled with a 30 day written notice (can be done via email to hello@themetaesthetique.com)

Membership minimum commitment is six months. After this, it will be month to month. It can be paused or canceled at any time. A membership can be paused (unless medically obligated) up to 3 months at a time, only *once* a year. While the membership is paused, you do not have access to the perks. This simply keeps your price point until you resume your membership.

Monthly membership fee *cannot* be applied on purchases or injectable services. It must be used for a facial treatment service.  

You choose your auto-payment date – 1st of 15th of every month.

Terms and pricing are subject to change at any time. You will be informed if and when any changes occur.

*Gratuities* to your provider are *not* included in the monthly payment.

 Early cancellation fee (cancelling prior to completing 6 months) is 300$ + HST.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You totally can! We will incorporate the membership into your plan. You will have access to all the perks. The only difference is that you will have to come in monthly. Every plan is fully personalized for our clients. 

No problem! After the initial 6 months, it goes month to month. You may choose to cancel it or pause it temporarily up to 3 months. This can be done only *once* a year. If you wish to do either, don’t forget to email 30days prior a written notice to hello@themetaesthetique.com.

That’s not a problem, we simply apply your monthly amount towards the service we decide to do, and you pay the VIP price difference at the time of the appointment. Easy peasy!

Simple, come in for a consultation and we will make a 6 month plan for you, signing you up for the membership contract and establish the schedule of treatments we will do. Isn’t this exciting???

Yes. The entire goal of having a membership is to level up your skincare journey for BETTER results. If you are on a budget, you can chose to only do the The Boosting Glow Treatment, which your automatic payment fee will cover entirely.

You will lose all benefits and membership perks at once. If you wish to re-subscribe to the membership at a later date, you absolutely can, but might have to pay a higher price as our “founders offer” will expire after the first 50 members.

No problem! The membership was designed to accommodate maintenance clients but also new clients starting their skin journey. We will add the membership to your plan and adjust the pricing to it. The only thing that will change is that you will be required to come in monthly to be eligible to use your membership perks (yay!!) We can certainly keep on making your yearly plan, and incorporate two 6 month memberships for you to keep the perks all year long.

We understand that life happens and sometimes, we just can’t come in. The membership fees *does not* roll over to the next month, you may transfer your appointment to someone you chose (friend, colleague, daughter, mother!). We are understanding of “life situations”, so please contact us directly by email or phone with your situation, and we will work something out. 

Need some guidance?
Give us a call or contact us for more clarity