Clinic policies

As a safe and clean establishment, we have updated our policies to follow as of November 2022. It is our responsibility to ensure that anyone that walks through our doors will be safe. Please follow these new procedures put in place for ultimate safety for our clients and staff


You will no longer be obligated to wear a mask when entering our premises, leaving you the choice to wear one or not. We will respect everyone’s choice, there will never be judgment from us.


An electronic health & liability waiver will have to be acknowledge, signed and dated before EVERY type of appointment.

Arrive on time

Please arrive on time. If you run late and this impacts our next client, we will have to shorten your appointment time so that it doesn't influence the appointment of our following client.


A credit card number IS required to secure your booking. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24hours notice, we will charge you a fee of 50$.

During Treatment

Our team will keep our masks on during treatments, as we do remain in "close quarters".

feeling sick?

If you have any cold symptoms, or anything close to COVID19 symptoms, we love you, but PLEASE reschedule your appointment as we will be forced to turn you around for another appointment date

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