Clinic Safety & Appointment Policies

As a safe and clean establishment, we have updated our policies to follow. It is our responsibility to ensure that anyone that walks through our doors will be safe. Please follow these new procedures put in place for ultimate safety for our clients and staff:


  1. All clients are required to wear a mask at all times. Visors are not safe enough on their own. Only at the time of appointment if services are on the face area, only then can it be removed. If client doesn’t have a mask, we will sell medical ones at a cost of 3$. All proceeds will be donated to Women’s Shelters Canada.
  2. We have added extra time in between appointments to ensure that we thoroughly disinfect the common areas and treatment rooms. PLEASE be understanding if we can’t fit you in for an appointment, as we need to ensure ultimate safety and cleanliness in between appointments. We will be limiting the amount of staff working at the same time, as well as the amount of clients allowed inside at the same time.
  3. Staff will always keep washing their hands thoroughly as they enter the treatment rooms.


  1. Please arrive ON time for your appointment (unless told otherwise). If you come early, we will ask you to wait in the vestibule where we have a designated seat for you. If the seat is already filled, we will ask you to wait in your car or outside until we are ready for you. 
  2. A health & liability waiver will have to be acknowledge before EVERY type of appointment.
  3. A credit card number IS required to secure your booking. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24hours notice, we will charge you 50% of the value of the booked service.
  4. You MUST use the hand sanitizer offered at the entrance before entering the reception.
  5. Please come ALONE to your appointment. We are minimizing contact between clients, so please do not come with a friend, unless you medically need assistance.
  6. If you have any cold symptoms, or anything close to COVID19 symptoms, we love you, but PLEASE reschedule your appointment as we will be forced to turn you around for another appointment date.