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Family-owned skin establishment since 1979

Premier Ottawa skin care establishment since 1979 where we guide and educate our clients on how to age gracefully, to look and feel their ultimate best.

Meet The Meta Fairies

Meet the selected small team that runs this beautiful establishment

Danielle Drolet

Owner & Medical Esthetician

Emilie Drolet

CEO & Medical Esthetician

Meghan Leroux

Spa Concierge and Customer Service Rep

Anna Monsreal

Spa Concierge and Customer Service Rep

Meet The Meta Partners

Our partners help us complete additional services offered to our clientele

Louise Bourque


Annie Du

RN & Nurse Injector

About danielle

Danielle’s journey started over 42 years ago, when she was only 18 years old. She started her own business at the age of 21 and has always evolved in the world of esthetics, getting trained and certified continuously. In 1989, Danielle purchased an old chapel on Lyon St and renovated the entire building. Her business is located on the main floor. Quite a unique location!

In 2010, Danielle received her full qualifications as clinical esthetician with Europe Cosmetics Inc. Her high level of professionalism, dedication and knowledge is always present in her work, as well as her meticulous techniques. Danielle is fully bilingual and will welcome you in English or French.

Her passion for this field of work is unlimited. Danielle specializes in advanced anti-aging services such as Skin Tightening and RF Resurfacing, she loves to help her clients achieve results and continues to educate her clientele on the importance of skin care. 

Honesty and authenticity are the reasons why you can trust this team

Danielle has over 40 years of experience, therefore understands the process of aging and how to treat your needs. She understands how to use different techniques and treatments in order to take care of her client’s concerns. Danielle welcomes her clients with professionalism and warmth, as if she would in her own home. She will always take the time to assess, explain and direct you towards the best options for your needs with honesty. Danielle would never embarque a client without making sure that she or he is fully aware of how the procedure will take place.

A family affair

Meta Esthétique is run by CEO and Manager Emilie Drolet, Danielle’s daughter, since 2010. For them, it’s important to show that even though their business is growing every year, they will always remain authentic to their true self, and what they believe in. They are the most honest and authentic people you will meet, no matter what your skin goals are. 

Meet Emilie

CEO, Manager and Esthetician, Emilie has been managing the clinic since 2010. Through the years, she has been trained by the most respectable esthetics teachers. In between, she has also earned her BA in Communications and Business studies in 2017, and her esthetic degree in 2018.

Emilie is very passionate about health, and strongly believes that a healthy body reflects on your skin. In her teens, she has severe acne. It was hard, but with the right skincare regimen, healthy lifestyle and of course treatments, her skin is now as healthy as ever…and pimple free, unless she eats a bag of Lays chips!

She hosts the “Ageless and Fabulous in Ottawa Podcast” and thrives on educating her clients and shows them how they can achieve what they desire. For her, results driven skincare combined with customized treatments is the key to having a healthy skin. Well-aging is what it’s all about, and they ultimate key is to prevent as much as possible.

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