Aqua Calm Cream


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Nurturing and velvety soft, this cream unites soothing extracts of arnica and calendula with anti-redness plants like butcher’s broom, cypress and centella asiatica to strengthen and improve the condition of the skin. Meanwhile, aqua-green pigments create optical color correction without any masking residue, leaving redness less apparent. Paraben free.

All skin types – great for sensitive or sensitized skin

Usage: Daily AM/PM



SOOTHING COMPLEX: Comprised of several botanical extracts, such as centella and calendula, together with escin and hydrolyzed yeast proteins, it calms discomfort associated with sensitive and reactive skin.

ANTI-REDNESS COMPLEX: Consisting of extracts of arnica, cypress and malt, it improves microcirculation and has soothing and protective effects. In vivo tests have shown that its regular use leads to a decrease in the cutaneous flow of blood and a more even complexion.

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