Your Skin in Colder Weather

Fall is officially here and the weather is slowly getting cooler. We feel every changes in the air and so does your skin! As we put on our layers to feel more comfortable in this weather, there are a few things you can do to prepare your skin as well. Here are our top 3 tips to help your skin feel good in this season’s transition:

    1. Time to add a serum: As the temperature drops, you might feel that your skin has a “pulling” or “tightening” feeling. Totally normal, it’s only because your skin is dehydrated and needs a moisturizing boost. A great way to fix it, is to add a serum to your skin care routine. 7 times more concentrated than a cream, it will rebalance your skin and you will immediately feel the difference. A moisturizing serum might not be enough for your type of skin, consult a professional before to make sure you’re going in the right path.
    1. Night treatment: While you are sleeping, your skin is fully awake and is in “absorbing” mode. It’s the perfect time to add a PM treatment to help it feel more balanced. Plus, adding a new element to your routine will definitely wake your skin up! When you use a product for too long, your skin gets used to it and it’s good to switch it up from time to time. Think of it this way: during cooler months, daytime is for protecting and nighttime is for treating.
  1. Have a humidifier in your room: As we kick up the heat, your skin will easily dehydrate. A good way to fix that is to add a humidifier in your room/house. Your skin won’t feel as tight and dry!

At any time, drinking enough water is always one of the best advise you can follow. By maintaining your water levels, your skin will directly benefit!

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