Why you should get a professional facial

Today we can easily access any type of information online. Many people think that a facial is something they can easily do at home, without the help of a professional. Sure, you can wash off your makeup and apply moisturizer, or do your home care routine in order to keep your skin healthy, but you cannot do what your esthetician does. An esthetician has knowledge in different subject concerning skin care. Here are 3 important reasons why you should always consult one:

1.Activity of ingredients: As qualified professionals, we have access to active ingredients that will help us get the result that you are looking for. If you buy retail products, they do not have the same concentration as the professional ones that we have, and for a good reason! If used incorrectly, it could cause bad reactions and/or unwanted results. There’s a reason why you need to be qualified, because you need to know how to use those active ingredients.

2.Technology: We also have access to high technology that you do not have and can’t buy. And no, gimmicks that you see on TV are not at the same level. The machines that we use are very expensive (60 000$ and up), have to be tested and developed for a long period of time before they can be used on actual clients. You HAVE to be qualified to buy them and to use them, because if used incorrectly, we could cause : burns, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation and sometimes irreparable damage. There’s a price to pay to get these treatments, but they are SO worth it because they can give you the result that you’re looking for, whether it’s for laser hair removal or skin tightening. This stuff works!

3.Knowledge: I think we easily forget that when you go see a professional, they have a lot of knowledge and also, lot’s of experience. So when you come to them with a problem, they’ve seen it many times and they know how to resolve it. That’s what they do on a daily basis, so your unwanted sun spot that bothers you can easily get fixed. Don’t forget that they go through lots of training and continuously get trained. In our world, there’s always new treatments and new trends, so we have to keep up with them!

True, the frequency of getting a professional facial depends on a lot of things: budget, skin type, skin issues if you have any, etc. Every change of season is a great way to start. Your cells renew themselves every 28 days, so after waiting 3 months in between facials, you will definitely need it. If you want to tackle a specific issue and want to resolve it, you will probably need to commit to a series of treatment. It really depends what you’re looking for!

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