So today live from my porch. So today I wanted to talk about skin purging. So skin purging is something that happens to a lot of people. And it’s a common question that I do get. So I want to just talk about skin purging and let you guys know that it’s actually a good thing. So normally when your skin is purging, it’s probably because you’re using new products that contain either an AHA, BHA, so chemical exfoliant, retinol or benzoyl peroxide, those are the common ingredients that you’re going to find that are going to make the skin purge and the reason behind that is because these ingredients will encourage a faster cellular turnover. 

Especially especially for the people that have a lot of blockage, a lot of locked poor so we call them closed, comment on so if you have a lot of texture issues, a lot of bumpy bumps, those are closed comedones. So these particular ingredients are going to make the impurity come out of the skin which is something that you want in a way because sometimes if you’re not using particular ingredients to make the skin you know get rid of the impurities. Those can stay in your skin for such a long time for months and months. So you might as well get it, get it done, get the skin to purge and to get these impurities out so you can make your way to a healthier looking skin. 

So the time of purging really varies it really depends. You know on the condition of the skin on the skin type how much blockage you have, but commonly speaking we’re looking at six weeks to three months. Again, it depends on the skin type. But usually that’s the timeframe that you’re going to see when it comes to skin purging. 

What you can do or what you shouldn’t do, I should say would be don’t switch out your products right away. You want to stick it out you want to keep the consistency, like anything. If you go to the gym once and you do one squat, it’s not going to magically change your skin you have to stick to it and you have to build your routine. It’s the same thing with acne skin purging the bad is gonna come out first it’s gonna get worse before it gets better especially with acne. So you want to stick to your routine and you want to keep doing it. The only reason why you should stop using a product is because you have a very bad reaction. So if you have a rash if you have a burning, if you have stinging, you know things like that, that you’re like okay, it’s not good. I should stop using them then yes, but if you’re purging a little bit and if you have a few pimples that come out, stick with it. They were meant to come out. 

Now to diminish the purging because you can do so. Start slowly introducing them especially when we’re talking about ingredients such as chemical acids, retinol and benzoyl peroxide. These are are not ingredients that you should be using daily. Retinol you you depending on the concentrations and depending on the delivery of the particular retinol ingredient you can use on a nightly basis. But I like to space it out a little bit because it can create irritation. And these ingredients if they create irritation on your skin irritation can cause breakouts, right so you just have to find that fine line that works with your skin type. So slowly introduce them to your regimen. Do it once a week at first, then twice a week and then maximum three times a week especially when we’re talking about ah a BHA and not salicylic acid but benzoyl peroxide. So just slowly introduce them and you’ll go through the purging a little less intense than if you were doing it on a daily basis. And you should be okay. 

If ever you have any questions or any concerns about your skin, feel free to send us a DM or just comment below in the video and I’ll be happy to reach out and to see if I can help you out. So I hope you guys are having a good Tuesday. It is lovely here today. So I’m working on my port. And we’ll chat very soon and I hope you guys have an awesome week end planned because it is the long weekend for us Canadians and yeah, enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the weather and we will chat soon.


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