What about your neck?

As we get older, there are different areas that are a dead giveaway about our age and one of them is the neck. True, it might be an area that we don’t really think about, but as we get older, we tend to notice it more and more. And no, I’m not saying that getting old is bad or anything, but just trying to give you some tips on how to age gracefully, and also how to maintain and protect those sensible areas:

1. Extend your face moisturizer: When applying your face cream, we tend to stop at the jaw line. A little trick to bring a little TLC to your neck area is to extend your application to your neck and decolleté area. It won’t take that much more cream either, especially if you put it on a wet skin. The cream will go lots further.

2.Exfoliate: Same idea, but with exfoliation. When we exfoliate our face, we don’t think of going all the way down to the decolleté. Next time, extend to that area and don’t be shy! If you’ve never taken the time to do this on your neck, you probably have an immense dead cell build up. You will see the difference afterwards, especially in the glow of your skin. It will be much brighter.

3.Get a neck cream: Like any other sensitive area (for example your eyes) there are specific creams that exist for them. The reason being that those areas don’t necessarily work/absorb the same way as your face. Those areas (eyes, neck, lips, etc) are usually much thinner, hence sometimes putting on regular moisturizer might not get absorbed, might just sit on top of your skin and do nothing. The specific cream for the specific area will have refined ingredients in order to penetrate better.

4.Protection from the sun and wear SPF: The decolleté and neck areas are exposed all the time. Think about it: whenever you wear a V-neck shirt, when your hair is tide up, when you’re wearing your bathing suit at the pool, etc. Very easy to forget that area, and it’s easy to dehydrate it too. Whenever you go out, again, don’t forget to extend to the neck!

Yes, it can be pricey to add a cream to your routine, so the best way to start is to apply your moisturiser on your c=neck area. In the future, especially if your neck is starting to show an age factor, you know there are options to help!

Here are our top recommendations for neck creams:


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