Waxing and Sugaring

waxingWe offer 2 types of waxing methods: hard wax and soft wax (the strip wax):

Hard wax: This wax is applied, allowed to cool than quickly removed with fingers. No strip is needed. This wax is mostly used for small and sensitive areas, such as upper lip, underarms, eyebrows and bikini. This wax does not stick to the skin, it sticks to the hair only.

Soft wax: This is known as the “strip wax”. It is applied very thinly across the skin, then covered with a strip to remove it. This type of wax is used for large areas such as legs, arms, back or shoulders.



Sugaring is a very natural method of hair removal. It is consisted of sugar, water and lemon juice. It has a very specific technique, applied with the hands only. It’s similar to the hard wax method, but remains pliable enough to be re-positioned and used again (on the same person, of course).