I just want to remove all my pores from my skin and just look like a perfect filter. That is a second sight here almost on a daily basis and you should know the two following things. There is no way that your skin can live or that you can attain a skin without pores. 

Think of your pores like a network of tubes that bring to the surface your secretions and your SIBO you need it. You can’t not have pores it is impossible. To have a filter face and have no pores plus, totally normal to have pores and to have a few lines and you have a few imperfections and pores are not imperfections. They’re actually you know elements that you need in your skin for your skin to function properly. That’s number one. 

Number two there is a way that you can make them look and appear less large and that is by cleaning your skin by exfoliating and potentially getting professional treatments to help the look at the appearance of before but you can’t eliminate your pores. So by keeping your pores clean, and by exfoliating, you’re removing that buildup that accumulates in the pore and makes it look larger. So if you think about it, your pore is a tube that gets filled up and filled up and filled up so therefore a will look bigger when it’s fuller. 

So another way of helping this is to get an extraction that really does shrink up the appearance of the pore. But always keep in mind that you cannot just press Delete and Remove the pores from your skin you need your pores for your skin to function properly.

One treatment that works very well at retexturizing your skin is the EMatrix – it also helps the size of the pores. 


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