Wake up call

Do you sometimes feel like your skin is dull? That it needs a boost or something to wake it up? We’re consistently exposed to air pollution, daily stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, we can’t eliminate air pollution in one day, but there are some ways to give our skin a “wake up call” when we need it:

1. Apply a mask treatment: We tend to forget masks, but they are the ultimate solution for a quick and efficient “minute skin glow” booster. The right face mask can moisturize your skin, remove excess oils and help improve the overall appearance of your pores.

2. Exfoliate: I know, this one may seem silly, but when you scrape off those dead cells, your skin will definitely have a nice and healthy glow. It’s exactly like washing your hands after a long day playing with your plants in the backyard.

3. Get some sleep: There’s a reason why they call it “beauty sleep”, because when you sleep, your body is awake: it repairs itself and recovers while you rest. When you have a couple of sleepless nights, have you noticed how awful the bags under your eyes look and how tired your skin looks? It’s amazing how sleep and rest “fixes” you.

4. Get a professional facial: The last 3 tips are useful, but sometimes we need the advice of a professional. By going to a skin care expert, you will have a treatment with products that are much more powerful and active compared to the ones that you have at home. In addition to those, you also get an extraction that is done correctly and by removing all those black heads / dead cells, you will definitely have a healthy glow 🙂

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