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a facial is like a workout for your skin

A facial is a great way to take care of your skin. We can aim for many different goals: cell regeneration, brightness, moisture boost, and the list goes on. All this is done with our reknown lines: Guinot and Swiss Line. 

I have just recently started my skin care journey. I have only been to Méta once but don't be fooled, I am going back, and I CANT WAIT!!! Everything leading up to my first appointment was nothing short of a great experience. I chatted with Emilie and she was so welcoming, very knowledgable and kind. At my first visit we started everything from scratch as I really had no skin care routine. Emilie explained to me the treatments that she was doing and the why. She provided me with an at home routine specifically or me. Everything is tailored to me! The clinic is absolutely gorgeous, everyone is friendly and welcoming. The products are amazing and everything smells delicious! I'm so happy to have my own Skin Care Fairy!

-Erica Lawson

Traditional facials

An efficient 50min treatment to exfoliate the dead skin cell build up and restore the moisture within the skin layers. No extractions. Perfect for an instant glow for a special occasion, or a quick “pick me up”. Massage included.

This type of treatment utilizes the power of acids in order to dissolve the dry skin cell build up for a more even complexion, treat dehydration, fine lines, lack of vitality and radiance or dullness and dark spots. Great to flush away toxins as well. 

advanced facial treatment

Removes the dry-skin layers of the epidermis and together with adjustable suction control, simultaneously stimulates the rebuild of collagen and elastin for firmer, healthier and younger looking skin. This will be performed with a diamond tip applicator and or a jet of fine mineral crystals passing over the skin’s surface. Includes an extraction, massage and cream mask application.

Stimulate your facial muscles with micro-current: Micronized currents reconstruct and re-educate muscle tissue, stretching or tightening them as necessary, achieving a lifted appearance, restoring facial contour and slowing the aging process. Includes a 20min LED panel and mask application.

If you’re looking to get a treatment that includes “everything” – this is the signature treatment to receive . It includes a microdermabrasion, combined with a 30min LED panel and a Swiss Line Face and Neck Marine Collagen Sheet Mask upgrade. All this completed with a massage and targeted treatment products for your unique skin type. 

Add-ons and Upgrades

We can customize EVEN MORE with upgrades to your service, which is great to target a specific need

A targeted treatment to depuff and brighten the eye contour

The perfect upgrade to repair and re-plump the skin with our famous marine collagen sheet serum masks. These masks are more concentrated than cream masks we usually include in our facial treatments.

Non-surgical light therapy that sounds just as clever as it sounds. Working in synergy with the bodie’s own natural mechanisms, it stimulates deep skin tissue that softens fine lines, improves skin tone and promotes super smooth skin. The 4 different light colors go down to different depth within the skin to target different needs: collagen, circulation – redness, acne and lymphatic system for ultimate repair.

Quick deep exfoliation for someone who is in a hurry or wants a simple treatment. No facial, only a simple micro with SPF application to finish.

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Eyebrows, upper lip, chin or any other facial waxing can be added to every facial appointment. Please specify when booking your appointment.

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