Traditional Skin Care

A facial is a great way to take care of your skin. No matter what your goals are, we can certainly achieve them by going through the traditional route. Plus, these treatments are way more relaxing than getting zapped by a machine 😉

We offer a variety of facials: cleansing, aromatic, chemical peels, etc, using the renowned European products of Guinot,  and the luxurious anti-aging Switzerland skincare line,  Swiss Line. Our newly addition, Naturmed, is our natural option. They all offer great treatments.

A regimen of facial treatment can help you achieve many different things: luminous complexion, deep cleansing of pores/blackheads, improve blood circulation and increase oxygen stimulation, more youthful looking skin, and more! Not to mention that we get to relax as well in the same time… it’s a win-win. We can also customize your facial to your skin type. We can add an eye treatment, a collagen mask, serum infusion, etc.

First off, we will cleanse your skin, using the appropriate cleanser for your skin type. Once all makeup removed and all impurities gone, we will look at your skin through our magnifying lamp and examinate your secretion level, the water levels of your skin and any type of skin disorder that we can find.

Once we determine the best course of actions for your skin, we select the preferred type of exfoliation: chemical peel, microdermabrasion or enzyme exfoliation. Once this is done, a thourough extraction will be in order (if needed, of course)! We proceed afterwards with selecting specific serums to use and proceed with the massage & specialty mask. This being said, every facial is different, since all of our skins are unique. The steps described give you a general idea on how your facial will be, but please note that we customize every service to what your skin needs.

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Types of Facial available

Basic Facial


(All skin types)

Great to cleanse skin, and have an hour of relaxation
Swiss Line AHA Peel Facial

(Acne, Oily, Mature and Normal skin types)

Two options: 20% or 35% Glycolic Acid


Guinot (phytic acid) Hydra Peeling Facial

(All skin types – even sensitive!)


Cleanse out your pores and eliminate dead cell build up – stimulates collagen and oxygenation. Great for dull looking skin and uneven skin tone.
Guinot Lift and Age Summum Facial


(Mature skin types)


Perfect for mature skin – targets firmness and aging skin
Guinot Aromatic Facial


(All skin types)


Essential oils facial – very soothing for sensitive skin
Infusion Oxygenating Facial


(all skin type)

Done with the help of ionisation and micro- currents, this helps highly concentrated serums to penetrate, and also bring oxygenation to the cells



Add-ons: Collagen, Eye treatment, Neck treatment – specific care for concerned areas



Prices Varies between 145.00 to 255.00