All right, you guys. Hello. Hello Happy Friday.

So for today’s live I want to keep it super simple because we do have some long weekends coming ahead. We do have some really fun holiday seasons coming up.

I want to talk about longer sun exposure in the warmer weather. Like I said, we have long weekends coming up and some of us use retinol vitamin A we use chemical acids on a regular basis and these ingredients make your skin super sensitive to UV rays like insanely so your skin is going to be super responsive to any damage that the sun can do. So you want to make sure you use your SPF every two hours.

This thing said you might not be the type of person during holidays that is going to be super diligent about putting on your SPF every two hours, which you know it’s fine we’re all human. So if ever you have a holiday that is planned to soon and you are using these ingredients, this is what you want to do.

You want to make sure that the week before you leave. Don’t use any of those products just put them aside so that your skin can be less sensitive to the UV rays. Just put them aside while you’re gone. Focus on protection so SPF and anti oxidants. So these two ingredients are really really important for protection. Keep it simple. That’s the base. You want to keep hydration up and running because if you’re going to be outside and you’re going to spend some time at the beach, in the water, you most likely will be sweating a little bit more so you might sweat out more moisture out of your skin than usual. So to keep that hydration level to make sure you have a nice moisturizer to keep them you know to keep that water level really nice and high. I like to recommend the smart cream and swissline I think it’s the best moisturizer for the summer, antioxidants hydration bam. After that you want to have a SOS product with you. So this is my little tip to anyone that’s going to be outside for a really long time. Whether it’s for a long weekend or whether it’s for just you know, having fun.

I like to bring a soothing mask with me. So just because when you’re outside all the time you retain a lot more heat in the skin. And when the skin has a lot of heat, you can put a lot of stress on it.

So inflammation inflammation is not good because it stresses your skin out. So if ever you’ve been outside for a long time and you know you go back inside and you’re like oh my god my skin is super red. That’s because you have inflammation and heat inside from the sun exposure from the heat exposure. So that little mask is going to be super useful to calm the skin and to repair the skin.

Okay, that’s my little tip when you go on holidays, have something like that in your routine. When you come back into town, go back to your routine a couple of days after you can start using back your retinols and your chemical acids unless you have a sunburn if you have a sunburn oh god don’t go use those really intense ingredients. Make sure that you keep the basic routine hydration protection repairing just to repair that sun burn. Okay, we’re all human. We all get sunburned, sometimes it happens, but just make sure you have a good some protection while you’re away.

And yeah, that’s it. So if you’re using these ingredients, just make sure that you’re diligent about some protection and if you’re not and you know that you’re not, then do the following tips that I talked about. That’s it. That’s all I have for today’s live. I hope you guys had a lovely Friday and hopefully you have a good long weekend planned ahead for next week. I know for me, it’s going to be cottage so I’m going to be using this little buddy. If ever you need some help for your routine while you’re gone. Make sure you comment below. Make sure you send me a message I’ll be happy to help you out. And until then, keep putting on your SPF and we will chat very very soon.



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