The Meta Skin Care Podcast

Here it is folks, my journey into the skin care industry – it all started with acne. Here are my tips and the way I had decided to manage my acne (the no medication way) .

What you’ll learn:
-Acne tips
-My journey
-Different types of acne
-Treatment options

…and more!

Know that you are not alone, and acne is something that will most likely occur to almost everyone in their lifetime. If you need to talk to someone about it, even if it’s just to unload, feel free to connect with me at anytime. And again, thank you for your listening ear!

Welcome back to an educational segment – this time we are doing an ingredient highlight: tranexamic acid. This super star ingredient is starting to be more and more popular, but why?

What you’ll learn:
1. What it is
2. A quirky historical fact about this type of acid
3. Quick facts about hyperpigmentation
4. What this ingredient is good for




I had the honor of speaking/having an interview with Swiss Line directly from Zurich, in Switzerland to have a very fun discussion about skin. We talk about Meta’s history, skin tips, ingredients and trends.

Included in the call, we had Custodio D’Avo (Global Brand Director Swiss Line, The Age Traveller on YouTube), Monica Cisneros (Digital Content Manager at Swiss Line) and myself.

Swiss Line has been a tool in our “skin toolbox” for over 25 years to treat our client’s skin, so it’s been a great pleasure to be able to talk directly to the “Mother House” – I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity 🙂 Perhaps more in the future??


The overnight product I use for my blemishes:
Aqua Pur Enzymatique Mask

If you love to learn about skin, you probably already heard the term “oxidative stress” – well, I’m here to tell you that it’s very important to know what it is in order to prevent your skin from the damages it can cause (accelerated aging, hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkles, etc….!) Sounds interesting right? And this affects EVERYONE – doesn’t matter your skin type or skin condition, it can definitely affect your skin, and I’m here to tell you the secret on how you can help fight it back.

What you’ll learn:

1. What is oxidative stress
2. Different types of free radicals
3. The surprising thing you do daily that can affect oxidative stress
4.  My top picks skincare wise to prevent oxidative stress

My top picks for fighting oxidative stress:

Swiss Line Aqua Vital Serum
Swiss Line Age Intelligence Smart Cream

Guinot Beauté Neuve Cream
Guinot Anti Dark-Spot Serum

Any thoughts on this? What are you favorite ways to fight off oxidative stress??

-Your Meta Fairy

Running a business in Covid is very challenging, but even more with a beauty business. Within 24hours, our services had to shut down, and without any warning. Even after a year into this pandemic, we are still getting last minute lockdowns. How are you supposed to plan ahead? Well, you can’t. In this episode, I am sharing my best tips for any beauty business owner (or even any business really) on what you should focus on in these really unstable times:

1. The initial shutdown – how it happened for us
2. What we focused on while closed
3. Reworking your mindset

-Your Meta Fairy

Why should you cleanse your face? Well…. so many reasons. Many times face cleansing is an after thought, but it is actually the most crucial step to your regimen, and if you don’t have it correctly – it can lessen the effectiveness of the  rest of your regimen.

What you’ll learn:
1. Why you should cleanse
2. What NOT to use to cleanse your skin
3. Types of cleansers
4. Frequency to cleanse

-Your Meta Fairy

Welcome to the very first episode or our new podcast!

In this intro episode, we let you know who we are, a little bit of our journey since 1979, and how we will utilize this podcast to connect with you all.

Skin care education is crucial when you want to UNDERSTAND your skin and how it behaves. We’re here to hold your hand through your skincare journey.

1. Intro to let your know who we are
2. Our story since 1979
3. Who is Danielle and Emilie – family run business

-Your Meta Fairy