Susan Bukovinsky

I discovered Meta in the early 2000’s through recommendations and became a client of the anti-ageing services and Swiss skin care products in 2007.

We have a long history built over a short period: Danielle helped me re-tone facial muscles (and bruised ego) from a disastrous experience in 2008 that resulted in muscle atrophy in one cheek. In 2010 she helped me re-firm facial and neck tissue throughout a post heart attack weight loss program… and when Meta acquired the e-matrix system; I became one of the first happy clients who is seemingly “ageing most gracefully” thanks to this miraculous process.

I am most appreciative of Danielle’s professional approach, her vast experience in adapting Meta services to my ongoing needs; and of her gentle touch and humour when applying treatments. And oh yes, let’s not forget how much I appreciate the compliments I receive!