A Mehta

My skin is pretty average, no special concerns, so I’ve never put much time or thought into a skincare routine. I have never had a facial or done any treatments. However I’ve noticed this past year that my skin was becoming flaky and also small fine lines were appearing, so I thought maybe it was time to do something. Meta was recommended to me by my hair stylist whom I love and trust, so I thought I would give them a visit.

My first visit was a consultation, and both Emilie and Danielle met with me. They are lovely, knowledgeable and made me feel very excited! They recommended a facial with microdermabrasion which I did yesterday with Emilie on my second visit. The whole experience was painless and I was very pampered. Today my skin is truly glowing! (It’s not a cliché!)

Their studio is beautiful and serene. You can tell from the way they take care of you and their studio that they really take pride in what they do. Very happy to have found them, I will be back!! Thank you Emilie!