Size Chart for your Products

Are you ever confused about the size/quantity you should use for your products? You’re not alone! To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a little chart with real references to make it easier to remember:

Cleanser and Gommage (exfoliator): You want enough in there so it can clean your face / neck properly.  Actual size: Nickel


Toner: It should fill the bottom of your hand. Use a WET cotton pad to apply it on your skin. It’s a lot easier than splashing it in your face! Actual size: a quarter.


Eye Serum/Eye Cream: You don’t need much product for these small areas, especially if you apply directly on a wet skin. Actual size: green lentil (for both eyes!)


Face serum/face cream: Same idea here: to save some product apply on a moist skin. Another tip, don’t rub the cream in your hands then on your face, you will waste a lot of product. Just put a few “dabs” on your face, then massage in the skin. Actual size: Chickpea.


Mask: You want your mask to be nice and thick. It’s a nice weekly treatment so don’t be afraid to use it! Don’t forget to reach your neck as well! Actual size: big kidney bean.


We hope this article will help you save some product and use the right amount as well! Share this with your friends! 🙂

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