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The all-time star ingredient Retinoid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. It combines different forms of next-generation retinoid and a smart delivered capsule system to help to reduce visible signs of age. The pure retinol level used in the formula is 0.4%.

Usage: Daily PM – a few drops in your moisturizer!



PURE RETINOL (encapsulated – smart delivery): Retinol is enclosed in a cyclodextrin – a molecule obtained from natural starch – to increase stability and boost efficacy, ensuring that its action is prolonged over time. Retinol is well known for restoring damaged skin and stimulating cellular rejuvenation. It induces an increase in the skin’s own collagen content while it also promotes surface exfoliation.

RETINYL PALMITATE: This ester combines retinol and palmitic acid – a saturated fatty acid found in some nuts and fruits. After topical application, and under the influence of a specific enzyme naturally present in the skin, retinyl palmitate is partly converted into pure retinol molecules.

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