Facial Boosting Essence


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A concentrated splash of energetic coolness that visibly energizes the skin and tackles “urban stress”. Elevate your skincare!

This essence-in-water formula harnesses the power of grape living water, kombucha extract and an urban-detox complex to visibly energize and freshen the skin, while also encouraging elasticity and suppleness.

Much more than a classic tonic-lotion, this sophisticated formula primes skin to enhance the effects of all other products.

  • Visibly energizes and freshens the skin.
  • Encourages optimal elasticity and skin suppleness.
  • Clinically proven to tackle “urban stress”, enhancing skin brightness and clarity.
  • Enhances make-up and reduces signs of fatigue.



GRAPE LIVING WATER: Extracted without the use of chemical solvents, helps catalyze the skin’s enzymatic processes as it replenishes mineral salts and trace elements. rape polyphenols have demonstrated a powerful antioxidant effect.

CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX: CELL SHOCK’s signature skin-revitalizing ingredient helps repair essential skin functions, lifts and regenerates the skin.

KOMBUCHA EXTRACT: Also known as “long-life mushroom”, it has been shown, in vitro, to decrease glycation, produce a plumping effect and increase clarity

URBAN-DETOX COMPLEX: Tackles “urban stress” to enhance the skin’s brightness and clarity. Proteins from moringa seeds and Nasturtium extracts promote the role of cytoglobin as an oxygen carrier, facilitating the intercellular exchange of toxins