Face Lifting Complex II


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This intensive award-winning serum provides a noticeable “face lift” within minutes, visibly reducing wrinkles to produce younger-looking, toned and resilient skin.

Winner of “Best anti-ageing serum” Award, “Bazaar Beauty Awards 2017: Super Serums” by Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia.


  • Visibly lifts and regenerates the skin.
  • Helps strengthen the collagen fibers of the skin, while moisturizing and combating free radical damage.
  • Clinically proven to tackle “urban stress”, enhancing skin brightness and clarity.
  • Enhances make-up and reduces signs of fatigue.


URBAN-DETOX COMPLEX: Clinically proven, modern complex tackles “urban stress” to enhance the skin’s brightness and clarity. Specific protein fractions from Moringa seeds shield skin from environmental pollution, while a Nasturtium stem extract promotes the role of cytoglobin as an oxygen carrier, facilitating the intercellular exchange of toxins.

HYALURONIC ACID: This naturally occurring polysaccharide (complex sugar), acts as a “molecular sponge” trapping and holding water up to a thousand times its own weight. Enhances make-up and reduces signs of fatigue.