Essential Serum


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A fan-favourite serum for daily use that maintains the skin’s beauty and balance, while strengthening its barrier and defenses.

An all year round formula, this serum maintains the skin’s beauty and balance, while strengthening its defenses. Our newest prodigy, it combines prebiotics and probiotics together with Madecassoside® and ATP to create the ultimate skincare maintenance product placing equal weight on health and beauty:

  • Hydrate, protect, anti-stress
  • Skin-friendly, 100% vegan
  • Made in Switzerland


  • Equalizes the levels of water and sebum
  • Helps maintain the skin’s barrier functions
  • Minimizes redness and sign of stress and fatigue



ACTIBIOME COMPLEX: An innovative combination of prebiotics and probiotics produced from marine-biology and bio-technology. The complex combines the use of a micro-algae, an algae, one specific bacteria ferment (vegan) and natural saccharides. The different nutrients obtained via fermentation ensure the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin’s own biome (combination of skin’s own resident, non-pathogenic bacteria).

ATP (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE): Skin’s own molecule of cellular energy and intercellular exchange fights stress. Research has shown that ATP has a strong potential as a skin-restoring ingredient and as an energy booster.