Cellular Eye Mask Complex



This revitalizing treatment provides instant relief for the fatigued skin around the eye contour area, soothing and smoothing it, while reducing puffiness. Actives include: Cellactel 2 Complex and a marine polysaccharide which work in synergy to provide a noticeable lift to the eye contour area; anti-irritants ingredients which soothe and calm the skin; Caffeine which reduces puffiness; and Hydractin™ and Hyaluronic acid, which moisturize the skin.

New and improved packaging with cooling-metal eye roller and 40 sheet eye masks.


  • Cellactel 2 Complex and marine polysaccharide produce a noticeable lifting and regeneration of the skin.
  • Eyebright, ginkgo-biloba and hydrolyzed algin soothe and calm the eye area.
  • Caffeine reduces puffiness, while Hydractin™ and hyaluronic acid moisturize the skin.


CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX: Skin-revitalizing ingredient combination that helps repair essential skin functions, lift and regenerate the skin.

HYALURONIC ACID: This naturally occurring polysaccharide acts as a “molecular sponge”, trapping and holding water up to a thousand times its own weight.

HYDRACTIN™*: Unique active cosmetic ingredient, effective in three ways:

  1. As an energy source stimulating and activating cellular metabolism
  2. Reduces trans-epidermal water loss
  3. Provides the skin with new freshness and beauty

CAFFEINE: Helps detoxify the tissues, reducing local fat deposits and puffiness.


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