Perfection Booster - 10% Lactic Acid


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Reducing imperfections, this booster resurfaces, refines pores and smooths lines to create a fresh, radiant complexion. It contains Lactic Acid, a powerful AHA, which exfoliates the skin to reveal a thinner, smoother grain.



LACTIC ACID 10% conc. (final formula pH is 3.70):

Offers a powerful yet gentle peeling solution.

Of all the forms of AHA, lactic acid is the only one naturally occurring in the skin. It actually protects the natural pH of the skin from external alkalinizing factors. When used in a concentration of at least 1% and linked to a sufficiently low pH, lactic acid is an excellent exfoliator. Under its effect, the skin renews itself faster, and its grain becomes thinner and more even.

The risk of minor irritation cannot be ruled out at this concentration, yet it is minimized as long as product is mixed-in because the mixing will dilute its impact to some extent.

The lactic acid used in this formulation is derived from the fermentation of barley and corn. 100% vegan origin.