Help to Fade the Appearance of Acne Scars

Remember those teenage years when you had horrible breakouts? If you were that lucky person that had perfect skin back in the days, you’re one in a million! I remember those painful days when I would be so embarrassed to walk outside with my face covered in pimples. However,  as an adult, the breakouts slowly stopped, but I still had to deal with the scars. I realize that so many women have to deal with this issue on a day-to-day basis.. Let me give you my best 4 tips to help diminish their appearance.

  1. Stay OUT of the sun: When my breakouts were really bad, I would lay outside (without SPF) to try to burn/dry out my breakouts. Sure, it sort of worked temporarily because it would totally dry out my skin, therefore, the pimples were less horrid. However, what I didn’t realize was that the sun would cause my scars to be WORSE later on. By damaging and burning my skin with harsh UV rays, I would slowly notice the appearance of darker spots. Then I would be stuck with horrible, dark pigments on my face, on top of the occasional pimple breakout, on top of the scars I already had. Great. My advice to you, DO NOT do what I did. It’ll make it much worse.
  1. Use mineral makeup: Mineral foundations will not clog your pores and let your skin breath. If you have a history of reactive skin and horrible breakouts, make sure you cover your existing scars with quality mineral makeup. It won’t make your scars disappear, but at least you won’t create breakouts and your pores won’t clog up.
  1. Make sure you moisturize: What does your skin look like if it’s all dried up? The fine lines and wrinkles look 10 times worse. Same thing with the look of scars. Moisturizing won’t get rid of them, but at least you won’t make them look worse. Plus, you’re keeping the rest of your skin well-balanced and hydrated.
  1. Invest in skin care treatments: If your scars bother you a lot (e.i. give you anxiety issues, low confidence, make you feel horrible) you can do something about it. Yes, this one requires money. Luckily, we have skin care professionals available to us. We obviously can’t know it all and we don’t have access to skin care equipment. Now, keep in mind that no product will make your scars disappear. Some scars may touch or go as deep as the hypodermis, therefore will need something much more “powerful” to fix them. There are many resurfacing treatments you can do today: microdermabrasion (less aggressive technique), Ematrix Sublative Rejuvenation (radio frequency is applied in a matrix to reproduce new collagen and healthy skin cells to repair the abnormal / damaged ones) or even IPL Skin Rejuvenation to remove dark pigments. Yes, you can hear the dollar signs, but hey, if it’s for you and your confidence, wouldn’t you do something about it?

I was able to get 85% of my scars removed with a combination of all those tips and am now happier than ever with the skin I have. I’m not saying these are the only ways to help, but it’s a good start!

Written by Emilie Drolet – Manager at Meta Esthétique Ltd

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