The Frax Fête

Thursday, October 26th from 5pm to 7pm
RSVP ONLY 20 spots!

A Night Just for YOU

We are finally launching out newest treatments with the Nordlys, taking the time to host you a wonderful event to show you all the solutions this new treatment can bring you. You can expect:

  • Frax 1550 Demos
  • Swag bags
  • 1000$+ in Giveaways
  • An incredible (but limited) offer for new Frax or IPL SWT signups
  • Get a 99$ luxurious gift with your VIP ticket
  • Ticket amount applicable on any purchase THAT night!
  • Promotional offers on our lotions and potions (retail)

Attire: wear what feels COMFORTABLE for you!

Common skin concerns can be treated with Nordlys

Accelerated signs of aging can take a toll on someone’s confidence levels. 


Whether it's from sun exposure or a genetic issue like melasma, pigmentation can really dull up someone's complexion.


Rosacea, dilated capillaries, or "spider veins" all fall under the umbrella of "redness" - Tired of getting comments on "looking angry"? Flush these away with the Nordlys!

Wrinkles and scars

Any textural issues is often very difficult to hide, even with the best foundation. When it comes to texture, it's almost impossible to entirely cover! The solution: The Frax 1550 skin resurfacing.

get your confidence BACK!

A younger, fresher look

Meta Esthétique is a premier Ottawa Skincare establishment since 1979, where they guide and educate their clients on well-aging.

With the new Nordlys, we will be able to address so many different skin concerns at the same time to really help you achieve the ultimate goal of makeup free skin!

Join us on October 26th!

If you’re as excited as we are, make sure to join us and get your VIP ticket!