About us



Danielle’s journey started over 40 years ago, when she was only 18 years old. She started her own business at the age of 21 and has always evolved in the world of esthetics, getting trained and certified continuously. In 1989, Danielle purchased an old chapel on Lyon St and renovated the entire building. Her business is located on the main floor. Quite a unique location!

In 2010, Danielle received her full qualifications as clinical esthetician with Europe Cosmetics Inc. Her high level of professionalism, dedication and knowledge is always present in her work, as well as her meticulous techniques. Danielle is fully billingual and will welcome you in English or French.

Her passion for this field of work is unlimited. Danielle loves to help her clients achieve results and continues to educate her clientele on the importance of skin care.

Danielle has over 40 years of experience, therefore understands the process of aging and how to treat your needs. She understands how to use different techniques and treatments in order to take care of her client’s concerns. Danielle welcomes her clients with professionalism and warmth, as if she would in her own home. She will always take the time to assess, explain and direct you towards the best options for your needs with honesty. Danielle would never embarque a client without making sure that she or he is fully aware of how the procedure will take place.


Danielle’s daughter, Emilie Drolet has been managing the clinic for over 10 years. Through the years, she has been trained by the most respectable esthetics teachers. In between, she has also earned her BA in Communications and Business studies in 2017. She is the warm welcoming face that you will see as soon as you walk in through the doors.

Passionate about skin, she wants to take over her mother’s legacy and teach the younger generation on how important it is to take care of themselves. Emilie is very passionate about health, and strongly believes that a healthy body reflects on your skin. In her teens, she has severe acne. It was hard, but with the right skincare regimen, healthy lifestyle and, of course, treatments and advice from her mother, her skin is now as healthy as ever…and pimple free!

She runs the “Ageless and Fabulous in Ottawa Podcast” and thrives on educating her clients and shows them how they can achieve what they desire. For her, results driven skincare combined with customized treatments is the key to having a healthy skin.





Working in skin care for over 35 years, Louise has been part of the team since 2007. Her main focus is to help her clients feel and look wonderful in their skin. She in trained in various types of facial treatments and waxing (full body). She will make you feel very your best after her session!

Kiana Marghetis

Stemming from a lifelong passion for beauty and wellness, Kiana is an Esthetician Honours Graduate from Algonquin College, and strives to support beauty as something you feel, rather then just something you see. She’s passionate in advanced skincare, brow makeovers, nails and makeup. She continues to pursue additional esthetic knowledge, to give her clients the best experience possible!


In 2013, Annie completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the University of Ottawa. Since then, she has been a full-time acute care medicine float nurse at the Civic Hospital, where she covers units that are short staffed. In 2018, she did clinical teaching for the registered nurse’s program at Algonquin College. She also started employment for an Ophthalmic plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeon at his private practice. From there, she became increasingly interested in aesthetic medicine. After completing training at Dr. Martin’s Training Centre in April 2019, she became a certified Neuromodulator and Dermal Filler Injector. Annie loves seeing her clients happy, and strives to help them look and feel great in their own skin.