Mechanical exfoliation, what’s it about?

The principle of exfoliating the skin is all about removing the dead dry skin cell build up. This can help with many skin issues such as dehydration, uneven texture, pigmentation, acne, and much more. We do have a natural process called the desquamation process which allows our skin cells to shed away every 4-6 weeks, but giving our skin a boost and accelerate this process really helps the overall health of our skin. Continue reading “Mechanical exfoliation, what’s it about?”

Alternative options to having a facelift

So many new and exciting things come as we get older:  we get to be more wise about life, most people are semi-retired or fully retired, mortgages are finally paid,  etc. However, the dark side offers less positive experiences as well: hormonal imbalance, less energy, the people in your entourage seem to be dropping like flies and on top of that, collagen depletion! At some point in time, fine lines appear more and more, wrinkles are deeper and our skin is starting to look saggy. Why? Well, that’s age my friend. Unfortunately, we ALL have to go through this process whether we like it or not. The question is, is it something that really bothers you? Do you want to do something about it, but aren’t ready to go under the knife? Thankfully, we have lots of options today (yay technology!) We have worked over the years with two of the following procedures, and have tremendous results with them:

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3 ways to protect your skin from the sun

Sun protection has become very important over the year – we are done with hours and hours of laying in the sun for the ultimate brown tan. Not to mention, the awareness of skin cancer and tripled over the last few decades. It’s crucial to wear SPF all your round, as it protects your skin from accelerated aging. There are three ways you can protect your skin:

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3 tips to make your face products last longer

Most women spend their hard-earned money on beauty products, which is why it’s never fun to see your face cream or your eye serum come to an end. Next thing you know, you’re back at your esthetician’s to purchase your products. A regular AM/PM face cream should last you about 3 months, give or take. However, there are some tricks that you can do to give them an extra stretch! Continue reading “3 tips to make your face products last longer”