Benefits of pedicures

The sun is finally out and it’s time to wear those cute little sandals that you bought ages ago! However, your feet might need a little TLC before you can show them to the outside world. You might think getting a pedicure is vain, but there actually are many health benefits of getting them done.

1.Early detection of problems: By having a professional pedicurist work on your feet, she will be able to detect if you have any “feet” related problems, such as excessive corn, early signs of bunions and fungus. They are professionnals that have been trained to detect those problems. They can save you a lot of trouble by detecting those at an early stage.

2.Keeps your feet well hydrated: By getting a pedicure, it is soaked in warm water and many lotions and creams. If you always forget to moisturize your feet, this will definitely “revive” the condition of your feet. Just remember to keep it up after your pedicure. If you don’t moisturise, your cuticules and your skin will feel and look worse. Just think about your face, if you would stop moiturising for a week, your skin will look worse, your wrinkles and pores will appear and the overall feel of it won’t be good. Same goes for the skin of your feet!

3.Prevent ingrown nails and cracked skin: To anyone who’s experienced ingrown nails or heavy cracked skin, we can all agree that it HURTS! If you have these issues that occur naturally, then having a pedicure to properly clean out the excess skin/cuticules is a definit must. It’s not something you can really do on your own since the pedicurist learns the proper technique to extract the ingrown nails and to “scrape” off the cracked skin without any incidents (like cutting to much skin that it bleeds for example).

When you think about it, your feet support the entire weight of your body! That’s alot of wear and tear in a lifetime! Taking care of them once in a while will definitely do them good, but also give you a little time to experience relaxation 😉

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