Benefits of a moisturizer

Are you the type of person who is able to just walk out the door with nothing on? No makeup, no SPF, no moisturizer?  Well, hats off to you if you’re able to do that comfortably, however, you are not doing your skin a favor. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should always apply moisturizer before heading out for your day:

1.Protection: Applying a moisturizer will make an invisible barrier for your skin. We rarely think of it, but as soon as we step outside, our skin is exposed to UV rays and air pollution. The least we can do is to offer our skin a protective barrier to maintain its health. Trick: Make sure you pack your SPF powder or cream in order to renew, especially on a sunny day!

2.Hydration: Your skin is a vital organ and needs to be “fed”, just like you. If you don’t have a daily cream that will keep your skin hydrated at least to a minimum, it will slowly look dull and tired, more wrinkled with time, overly dry, etc. Imagine how you feel when you haven’t eaten in the last 12 hours….well, that’s how your skin will feel. Except that you will see the consequences much later in life.

3. To treat a specific need: Of course, not all skin types require the same skin care regimen. We all have different needs: age spots, wrinkles, overall complexion, acne prone skin, intensive redness, sensitivity, etc. With the right face moisturizer, you can target those needs and improve their condition. Its difficult to do it on your own, especially when you aren’t an expert. Don’t hesitate to go see a skin care professionnal to get the right cream for your skin type.

Let’s not forget that one of the main benefits of applying moisturizer is its anti-aging properties in the long run. Keeping your skin hydrated is vital. If you don’t at least do that, how will your skin feel/look in 30 years from now? You only have one skin, you should take care of it!

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