Annual Membership Plans

We have a solution for you

We all have a fast paced life: work, family, friends, hobbies, travel and sleep. Taking care of ourselves is often the last thing we do, if we have the time / budget. We’re here to help you take time for yourself and offer you an easier way to manage it. Here’s how you can see if this is something for you:

– Are you a regular client? (Or want to be!)
– Do you want to commit to your skin but find it hard to budget?

If you answer YES to both of these questions….this is something for you!

How to proceed

Firstly, we need to see you to build a personalized tailored plan for your skin care needs. The total amount for the year will be split in 12 equal payments, no interest fee. All we need is a credit card number or cheques, and your set!

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