E100: Transitioning from 9-5 to entrepreneurial life with event planner Gina Lamontagne

Pivoting, preparation, rolling with the punch… these are all things Gin talked about when we took a deep dive into her transition to entrepreneurial life. Being an entrepreneur requires sacrifice and devotion, which is what Gina jumped into with open arms. A big transition like this one can be scary, but a very satisfying move in the long run. In these “post” pandemic times, many want to shift their careers or turn their passion projects into a real business. This is why we wanted to bring Gina on the podcast. She made a big decision to leave her 9-5 corporate job to launching her event planning business, while covid was still around! How she planned and navigated that big change is exactly what we talk about today, with a few event planning tips of course!

Gina has been planning events and managing projects for the past decade. Before turning her focus on more heart centered events and retreats, she coordinated weddings, conferences, festivals and major events for private and corporate clients. She is passionate about creating experiences that are transformative for the clients while ensuring that we are conscious of the environment and culture they take place in.

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