E90: Spring Summer Soirée on May 11th

Here are the details of our May 11th event, and why you should attend!

SPOILER: We will have a professional photographer there, so you better GLAM UP! You can have a professional photo done!

Listen to this short episode to know more…!



Podcast transcript


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Happy, happy Tuesday you guys this is Emilie as usual better known as the Meta  Fairy. And as per usual, this episode is brought to you by Meta Esthétique, premier Ottawa skincare establishments since 1979, where we guide and educate our clients on how to age gracefully. So today we have a an episode on our event that’s coming up in May, so on May 11, from 5pm to 7pm. We are having a appreciation night for our clients.

So what does that mean? What are the details? How do you get in how to you? How do you get all of these good things that are going to happen in May 11? Well, this episode is going to be dedicated to all those details. It won’t be too long so you can listen to this fairly quickly. Now, if you go on our website, there is a link on top there’s a banner that says Join us for the spring summer soiree on May 11. So that is the night that we chose may 11. It’s right before Mother’s Day so if ever you want to do a little outing with your mom, it would be perfect for you to drop by.

So you can expect you know just wonderful things that night we really wanted to throw a fun night to think record because we’ve been in business for over 43 years. That is a long time and we really wanted to throw a special glam night we’re all gonna be dressed up we’re all gonna be looking fairly beautiful and chic. Not that we’re not beautiful usually but you know a little bit more, a little bit more “pezzazz” and regular day at work.

So we’re going to have some public some wine, some cheese, we’re going to have swag bags, we’re going to have three big baskets. That will be our giveaways and they will be valued at $500 each, and you get a ticket in these in the drawer if you buy a ticket to come in that night. I’m going to talk about that a little bit later. You’re going to also have a really fun update on what is new at Meta.

By this time you guys already know that we have in viral now we have this new medical grade skincare line. And we are so so happy to have it because it’s seriously transforming the way that we are treating our client skin. We were just so excited to launch it and it’s already at work but we’re using this night to kind of announce the big surprises in the offers that we will have with this wonderful new product line. So if you’re interested in this line and your free that night.

Make sure you follow us on social media because there’s a lot of information that I’m talking about for the event on May 11. So you guys will know more. Because obviously that night a lot of things are gonna be going on. It’s not like a seminar or anything like that, but it’s gonna be an introduction to Environ. So we’re gonna have that and we’re going to have other things that I’m not going to talk about right away. You will only find out that the night of that event. There’s two things that we’ve been working on. And we’ve been keeping kind of like on the DL. No one knows about this. And it’s gonna be really, really fun to reveal the night of the party. So these are three things that are happening that night you’ll be able to network with community members. So it’s funny because a lot of our clients know each other. And sometimes we don’t even notice because someone will come in when someone is leaving and they’re like, oh my god, hey, and it’s just such a small world. it was such a small space, A lot of our clients to each other. So it’ll be the chance for you to network with a lot of community members. if you guys want you that night. you’re gonna have a good time with your meta fairies, obviously. and a really fun thing that I’ve added to the night is that we will have a photographer on the spot and she’s going to take some wonderful pictures, professional pictures, the night of the event. so be ready to dress up the super confident, bring your A game bring whatever you want to wear that makes you feel awesome. And you’ll be able to have a professional photos done, because we’ll have a wonderful backdrop to take pictures and you know it’s gonna be super super fun!

If you can’t make it, what happens is if you’re out of town?  Don’t worry everything’s gonna be on our website. You will be able to purchase things that you want to purchase if you desire the offer that we will have that night. So don’t worry about it. If you can’t physically be in place, you’ll still be able to take advantage of whatever offers we’re going to do that night. You just won’t have access to the giveaways because the giveaways are really for the people that physically are going to be present that night. That’s the only thing.

How do you get a ticket so if you go on our website, you’ll see the banner is Pinky and it’s at the top of the page and there’s  a button that says RSVP. now you’re gonna click on that and it’s gonna bring you to our online store, which is the ticket The ticket is $49 and we are giving it back to you so it’s basically free. We’re just gonna give it back to you if ever you decide to purchase something or at the next service that you’re going to do after May 11 When you come for an appointment, If you’re a new client, and you’re not sure you want to attend but you’re not sure of how this works. Just take the deposit, pay the $49 and if you don’t end up buying anything, it will have cost you only 49$ to attend.

We have been planning this for, I’m gonna say like, six weeks now. I’m very excited for you guys to come in to have a nice bubbly with us and just enjoy being our clients. We’re here to thank you this is for YOU. So if you’re free, and even if you’re alone and you are shy to come alone, please come you know that we are so welcoming. We you know we’re always there to welcome all our clients, whether you’re alone or with someone, it doesn’t matter.

Come have a good time with us. We’re gonna have a really, really fun evening. So 5pm to 7pm on May 11. We’re looking forward to it. So very short podcast episode today I just wanted to talk about the details about the event and do stick around on our social media because you know, I’m letting go a few little teasers. So it’s @metaesthetique, all together. The links are below so you can check it out. But feel free to check all the posts on the stories that I’m doing because you will learn a lot more about environ and about the brand’s philosophy and how it works on the skin.

So hope you guys are having a good day it is raining over here it’s not you know we had a weekend that was 20 some almost 30 degrees for sunshine and then it drops to five degrees. super rainy, very typical spring weather. So it’s a perfect day to work inside on your computer because you’re not missing much outside. All right, so I’m gonna let you guys go and we will chat very soon on the next episode and take care!