E89 Introducing Environ, for a beautiful skin for a lifetime

FINALLY! We can introduce our NEW medical grade skin care line: ENVIRON. After many trials and research, we are SO happy to bring in this medical grade, result oriented line into our establishment. In this episode, I go all in on:

  • The Vitamin STEP UP SYSTEM
  • The products
  • WHY your skin NEEDS daily intake of Vit A
  • WHO the line is for
  • The reason why we brought it in



Podcast transcript


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Hello everyone, welcome back to the podcast Emilie here, yours truly, as usual, better known as the Meta Fairy and today we have a really exciting episode! We are talking about our brand new medical skincare line that we have brought in. So exciting!

Before we begin I just want to remind you that if you are in the Ottawa area or if you are currently one of our clients and you’re listening to this, please make sure that you save the date for May 11th. We are having a Spring Summer Soiree. This is a glam night. This is an appreciation night for you as well. And we also are going to talk about what is coming up in our business in the next few months. So if you’re interested in our brand new medical skincare line, if you’re interested in knowing what’s going on if you just want to be cheered and loved by us because you’re such a great client, and we just want to cheer you make sure that you save the day that you get your ticket and that you come on May 11.

Okay, so Environ is the medical skincare line that we decided to go with. It is a globally known line and has been voted for, I think six or seven years in a row, voted top medical skincare line globally. If you’re listening to this and you don’t know about Environ well, you’re in a good spot, because I’m going to make a nice and easy episode for you to listen to, to understand the foundation of what environ is all about.

And before we just dive in really quickly in all the details, I just want to say why we decided to go with this brand. And I think this is important to share with you guys because, as you know, we’re very transparent we like to see what’s going on and we had been looking for something that was medical grade for a long time about a year I’ve been looking for a brand that just that just went with our philosophy as well and the way that this brand is designed to use it just makes sense and it aligns very much with our business. They have a system called a Step Up System. And it’s really really cool because it actually it’s a way to introduce a very powerful ingredient like vitamin A, but to slowly build the skin’s strength and resilience to the to the strength of vitamin A by reducing the reaction so you kind of follow this step by step system and you graduate to stronger forms of vitamin A as you graduate bottles. So it’s really cool because it gives you something to look forward to. It kind of gives you a plan of action and if you guys have been to our clinic before you know that’s all we do we make treatment plans, we always tell you where to go in terms of your skincare goals, we always give you like, Okay, this is what we’re going to do for the next six months kind of idea, right? So it just matches really, really well with the way that we function. And we’ve personally been trying it for the last month. Now and we are quite in love with it. So if you’re still interested to know about about oh my god.

If you’re still interested to know about environ then let’s deep let’s deep dive into the details of what makes this brand really really effective on the skin. So like I said, they have the philosophy of start low and go slow and this is the whole step up system that they have with vitamin A. So in one single bottle, which is the AVST moisturizer, you will find vitamin A complex to normalize and perfect your skin you will have vitamins and antioxidants, so Vitamin C, Vitamin E to protect smooth reduce inflammation as well. You’ll have bio peptides to build and repair your skin and moisturizing factors to smooth and plump your skin. So this is all in a bottle. Okay, and this moisturizer is $100 okay, so it’s affordable, it works on the skin, and it just does a lot of things at once. So it’s kind of like a potion in a bottle. You know? So a lot of us think when we say vitamin A, we a lot of people will think about just like retinol for example. It’s the common name that you’ll think about vitamin A.

But vitamin A is often misunderstood, mischaracterized and just lumped into the category of retinol but you have to know that it comes in many different forms, and each requiring a comprehensive understanding. So Environ uses a vitamin A complex that includes retinol, retinal, palmitate, retinal, acetate, retinal propionate and multiple other forms of vitamin A, that work together to improve the skin’s health over time. So Environ skincare products, they still contain a high amounts of vitamin A, and antioxidants to compare, not to compare but to combat pollution, some damage, you know stressful skin, just so you have a more healthy and radiant skin complexion.

Like you guys know last week we talked about vitamin A, it is an essential vitamin to have on a daily basis. And yes, you can have vitamin A daily. It is a myth to use vitamin A only once a week. If you’re using the prescription form which would be the acid form of vitamin A then yes, you could not use it every day. But if you’re using the esters, so the oil form of vitamin A you can use it day and night and daily as well. So you can understand why we really really love this philosophy because it includes all of these beautiful and quite active ingredients without completely stripping the skin and we’re talking about vitamin A, that’s such an important vitamin to give on a daily basis.

Now if you’re using you’re already using other brands, you may wonder, well is this for me? Is this something that I should look into? So here are a few key points that I can tell you that can confirm if this is for you or not. So number one you value a quality skincare brand that makes a real difference on your skin. Very important. You have a busy lifestyle and you’re not looking for a complicated line. You want something that’s accessible that’s no fuss but that’s also effective on your skin. You’re a millennial, you’re serious about healthy looking skin from a young age. You base your decision on facts and you’re not influenced by what is mainstreamed. You are experiencing changes in your skin as you enter your quarter life years. You’re constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of youthfulness, and you’re serious about combating the signs of aging on your skin. Also, let’s just do a little recap on how this range would benefit different skin conditions. So like we talked last week, if you haven’t listened to the episode, please do because I talk a lot more about how vitamin A affects the skin and how we are all deficient in vitamin A but most skin conditions are caused by a vitamin A deficiency. So when the deficiency is restored, the skin will be brought back to its most healthy looking beautiful state. So in the skin essential range which is the range I’m going to talk about in just a few minutes. It is formulated to address the vitamin A deficiency that most people suffer from through the unique vitamin step up system. So the range is really suitable for all skin types, all ages, all genders, as well as many skin conditions. So let me just recap on the few key points that what vitamin A is going to do to the skin so vitamin A is known as a skin normalizing vitamins so it forms the basis of a normal, healthy and well functioning skin. It will also promote the natural moisturizing factors. So it will promote a healthy barrier function it will leave the skin looking hydrated and refreshed. Thirdly it promotes a healthy dermis and epidermis. So vitamin A is essential for all the layers of the skin and it helps to promote a healthy looking skin if all of those layers are really healthy. Right. It will also promote collagen and elastin because it encourages the synthesis of healthy collagen and elastin for a firmer looking skin. It will also help the skin’s immunity so if you have any issues with inflammation for example, you have a lot of redness a lot of dermatitis or you’re just prone to irritation from the gecko. This type of vitamin will just help the cells to keep the skin healthy looking and keep the inflammation low. It will also help improve your mentation. So anyone as you know when you have vitamin A deficiency you are more prone to develop hyperpigmentation, sunspots and things like that. So if you have a good level of vitamin A, you will be able to stabilize pigmentation distribution and that will leave the skin in a more even toned appearance. And finally, it does help improve problematic skin condition because it does normalize sebaceous gland activity. If you guys don’t know vitamin A is used in Accutane. Accutane is a very strong form of vitamin A. So when you use a smaller dose every single day it will absolutely improve problematic skin conditions because it normalizes sebaceous gland activity.

So keep in mind vitamin A is normalizing on the skin. It just rebalances all the levels of all the things in the skin so this is why it is it’s really beneficial to a lot of different people and you can really find yourself in that in all the benefits that I gave I’m sure there’s one thing that you want to work at that you can find that vitamin A will absolutely help.

What I truly really admire from this brand is that it is it really is a no fuss line. So again, if you’re someone that is looking for a straightforward approach, something that will really do work on your skin, that’s not going to necessarily break the bank. This is a really good range of products that you should look into. Now. My guess is it’s quite nice because it has no added colorants or fragrance. It’s obviously tested on animals or anything like that. It’s always the clinical trials that are always ongoing are conducted on human volunteers obviously suitable for all ages and genders skin types full of heights. So this is a funny one. So not funny, but funny fact a lot of of our clients refer their husbands or their partners to get their skin cleaned up. And a lot of the products that we do have, unfortunately, they’re great. The other ones that you have are great, but they don’t necessarily appeal to the men that come in because they have a very, very straight or they have a strong scent or you know it’s very fragrant or it just smells very feminine to them. So this is a great option for us. When we try the Environ products. It literally has no smell like I was very much impressed because in my head from all the things that I’ve tried in the past there’s always a certain smell to your products and that’s totally normal because you also want to, you know, raw material sometimes doesn’t really smell good. So you have to kind of add a little sense of smell in there. But with environ that literally, if there’s a little bit of a smell, it’s very, very subtle, and I was quite surprised to actually enjoy the less fragrant smells. So it will absolutely appeal to the men as well that come in. It’s quite, it’s quite nice. And it is also certified by the Swiss vitamin Institute. So this means that the potency, the purity, the quality and the quantity of vitamin A C and E is of the highest and verified and certified by a third party. So not every brand will be certified by this. So the fact that they are it just explains to you and it kind of makes you see that what you see on the label is of high quality. It is confirmed by third party by the vitamin Swiss Vitamin Institute and if you can trust what’s on the label, okay, a lot of people don’t know this, but sometimes what you read on the label is not necessarily what’s in the bottle and that’s a common thing in food in skincare. And all the other things that you will find labels so the fact that they’re sealed and certified by that company is just going to prove to you that what you have on the label is what you have in the bottle.

Let me explain to you how you will get into the environment of skincare one so these products you’re not just gonna pick up a moisturizer and peace out. No, this these products have to be used a specific way for it to actually work on your skin so you have your prep so we’re you’re gonna do your Pre Cleansing Oil we’ll do your Mild Cleansing Lotion or the Low Foaming Cleansing Gel depending on depending on your preference for cleansing and then we’ll use your Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner. This is a really popular product by the way I think there’s quite a few celebrities that used to some this toner but anyways, you would prep your skin. Then in the middle you will find your target products so I cream specific serums you know if you have a more sensitive skin, you can use the Colostrum Gel or if you want more hydration, you will use the Hydrating Serum. You know you kind of put in your two cents in that middle where you’re gonna focus care on something specific. And at the end you’re using you’re always using your vitamin a moisturizer so in this case, it’s the AVST moisturizer and there’s five levels of that moisturizer. So to start with one, you have to go through at least two to three bottles before you move on to number two, because the strength of vitamin A does increase as you move along and graduate in the moisturizers, which is really cool. You’ve got something to look forward to. So what I truly didn’t like because I’ve been doing this for the past almost a month now and I have this really weird constant like misconception about double cleansing with oil. I just wasn’t into it. I was like oh, it’s gonna block the pores and you know, you know when you haven’t tried something and you just have these judgments automatically. I’m actually in love with it because this pre cleansing oil will be the first thing that you would use is actually a watermelon oil so it’s not it’s not going to stick in the skin. It’s not gonna block your skin and it’s going to remove you know oil, the oil, right so it’s going to remove the excess surface oil, the sunscreen that you wear in any type of makeup that’s just sitting on your, your skin surface. So you’re just gonna do that Cleansing Oil First, remove it, and then you’re going to use either the cleansing lotion or the foaming gel to do your second prepping step and then you would finish with a botanical infused moisturizing toner. so that would be your treating lotion, there is so much stem extract vitamins botanical, like there’s just so much good stuff in this toner dyes and your skin will be looking amazing.

be looking amazing by using this. So these are your three steps at first when you prep the skin so that it will perceive super well the vitamin A at the end. And a lot of people will perhaps say what can I keep the cleanser that I’m using now. And it’s no, they come together you want to keep it really deep ocean and that’s it. You can keep it simple, it’s fast and it’s going to do the job. After you’ve prepped your skin. After you’ve cleansed thoroughly. Everything’s ready to go. You’re going to have either a target focused care product so that I’m not going to go into because obviously it’s gonna vary depending on your skin type your skin goals, your skin conditions, but I can absolutely go over the different focus care collections that they have. So they also have a body line of body essential and it is with retinol in it and it works wonderfully on the skin if you want to normalize your body skin, they have an oil, that is frickin amazing and you don’t feel greasy at all. And it’s nice because when I think about the benefits of vitamin A, I’m like, Yeah, I want to feed my decal to I want to feed my arms, my legs, my tummy, like Absolutely. I want the skin of the body to have the same benefit that I’m doing with my skin on my face. So that’s a that’s a really nice plus but so in the focused care they have. They have a youth line they have a moisture plus line they have a comfort line radiance, which is great for melasma and hyperpigmentation they have an acne line. So they’re not missing any type of focus care at all. They have their ranges pretty complete.
So it just depends on what you’re looking for and what kind of skin condition you’re trying to treat that you’ve done your focus care if you choose to you will always put your vitamin a moisturizer at the end always, always always. So the one that we’re looking at here, the AVST 1 to 5. They are basically ingenious moisturizing creams that contain a selection of vitamins peptides, botanical extracts and antioxidants. So they will just raise your hand protectors, get some of your skin. You know they do it’s like everything does everything for your skin. And let me tell you the first time I tried it, I was like whoa, it goes in really quick. Like your skin really feeds on it. And that’s the whole purpose of this moisturizer is the feeding aspect. It’s the feed step. Basically you’re feeding your skin the essential nutrients that it needs in order to be healthy, beautiful for lifetime, right. So you start with number one, anyone that gets into the range, we’ll start with number one. And depending on your sensitivity, depending on how your skin receives it, you might do two bottles, you might do three and then you move on to number two and number three and then number four and number five, so you always have something to look forward to and always building the resilience and the strength of your skin. So just to give you a brief explanation, there’s vitamin A vitamin C, vitamin E, and then there’s the five there’s green tea, there’s a bunch of STEM extracts, there’s resveratrol, there’s you know there’s a bunch of good stuff in this moisturizer just to put a point blank period is amazing. And it’s just going to help your skin be more healthy every single day. So it gives you an idea of how it functions. It has a very precise way of functioning you prep your skin you target with anything that you need and then you feed your skin with vitamin a moisturizer that kind of how the line is is not part of the setup system. And this is why it really we were really really happy to found to find a line that was like that because it aligns really well with our treatment plans.
And if you guys are super interested, you want to try it. Finish whatever you have now. And when you come in for the event on May 11. We will have an offer for you guys to try the line because we’re gonna talk about it obviously because it’s something that we just brought in, but there will be an introductory offer on May 11. If ever you’re super interested in trying it just finish what you have. I think what are we today, April 11. We still have a month left so you have to finish what you have. And then we’ll be looking forward to giving you the best, the best offer on the 11th but gives you an idea of how it works. It was very hard for us to introduce another line because we’ve been with our two other brands for like 30 years, you know, so for us to hand select another product line to come in with us is very serious for us because we wanna make sure it’s gonna offer you results because we’re all about results the more and more that you are a client of ours, you can see the direction that we’re kind of going towards we’re less spa more and more and we’re going to more of a medical approach more of a clinical approach, you know, but obviously still keeping our authentic and intimate care with you guys. But But yeah, anyways, it was a big step for us. we’re so happy that we did it. we are loving the products and the effects that it has on the skin. So if you’re interested in knowing more, just make sure that you comment below the day.
And if ever you see this post, Go on our Instagram and find this podcast post and just commented below and I’ll reach out to you and we’ll make sure to see if you’d be a good fit for this line. In the meantime, I hope you guys had a really lovely Easter weekend but temperature is rising I think everyone’s happy about that. And we’ll chat very soon, and we’ll keep you on your toes, stick around on our social media because I will talk about each into each and every single product, and you know obviously in the small little videos but that way you can have an idea of how the products were used them, what’s in them, if that’s something that you’re interested in. Alright, so take care you guys in the chat very very soon!