E84: Procedures to be aware of

Trends, trends and trends. Many of us see these really cool procedures online and wonder: “Well, maybe I should get this done!?” The reality is, many of those procedures are great when you are in your 20s or 30s, but you always have to keep in mind that the skin on top WILL age no matter what, and it WILL influence HOW your procedure will look later on. Curious about knowing which procedures I’m talking about? Just have a listen, and it will answer your curious mind. 

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Podcast Transcript


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Hello everyone welcome back to the podcast Emilie here as usual better known as the Meta Fairy, and today is going to be a quick but efficient podcast episode to make sure that you are someone that is aware of the side effects of getting fat removal procedures.

So this is a question that I get asked so much. So I thought I would do a quick podcast episode to let you know that you should be aware of certain side effects before you get into permanent fat removal procedures. I’m not saying they’re good I’m not saying they’re bad. I just want you to be aware of what is going to happen to your skin as you get older if you get these permanent fat removal procedures.

So fat dissolving treatments you probably know there’s one very popular it’s called CoolSculpting. They use real really cold technology in order to kind of destroy the fat cells. Most people do it on their stomach, their bums, some on their arms, you know where all the fat cells kind of go as you tend to get a little bit older. You can also do Deoxycholic acid injection so the brand name would be chi Bella. These are non invasive cosmetic procedures but they will target the fat cells and they will pretty much liquefy them and they will break them down and they will be flushed out of the body by the lymphatic system. So, in short, they really target the fat areas that you’re concerned with most people when they look into these procedures, they are probably in their 20s or in the 30s you know they’re relatively young and there’s a thing you have to keep in mind as you get older the skin so the top layer what you see with your eyes is going to lose electricity is going to lose density it’s going to lose firmness.

Okay. So when you get these fat removal, permanent fat removal procedures, unfortunately you’re removing that fat pad where the skin lays on top.

So think about it this way. You know when you make your bed in the morning and imagine your mattress as your fat pad nice and firm when you’re young everything’s there, and your sheets is your skin. So you’ve got your three layers of the skin. This is your skin right? Remove your mattress and look at how your sheets are hanging. So this is not an issue when you’re young. When you’re young. You’re in your 20s and your 30s maybe at the limit in your 40s Depending on your genetics and how you take care of your skin. It doesn’t show it’ll be fine. But as you get in your 50s and your 60s and older, the skin starts to crinkle and it starts to lose density and it starts to fall. So unless you’re getting a permanent fat removal procedure, mixed with surgery to tighten the skin as you get you know you do it together. And again when you’re young it’s not an issue. It’s more when you get older that you’re gonna be like oh my god my skin cannot lay on anything so it’s it’s dropping down like a crinkled sheet. So keep that in mind when you do permanent fat removal procedures. Again, I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m not saying they’re good. I just want you to be conscious about what it’s going to do to your skin.

It’s like same idea when I have when I have ladies that come in when they would come in in the past when we did hair removal, permanent hair removal on their resilience, I would tell them Are you sure? Are you sure you want me to remove every single hair in there? And then they were like well and they’re kind of like debating if they should and I’m like listen, keep a strip because as you get older, your vulva is not going to look pretty okay. It’s inevitable. As we get older, the skin crinkles up, it sags. That’s just how we age. Okay, so it might not be before you hit 60 but it will happen. So if you don’t have anything to hide that a little strip, a little landing strip, you’re going to be super concerned about looking at your Volva.

So this is kind of like it’s kind of the same idea when I have people asking me about oh my god I have a double chin when they really don’t, or when they have a little stomach area that’s bothering them. Obviously it’s different depending on the age to the genetics and how you’re, you know, depending how you’re made physically, but generally speaking, it’s the same process for the skin.

If you remove the fat pads, and it’s the thing is to there’s a lot of trends happening online. There’s a lot of popular things people are doing their lips people are doing, you know CoolSculpting people are doing this, this this and that. Listen biology is biology don’t go according to trends. We’re all made differently but but the skin will be the skin on everybody. It’s the same process as it ages. It will lose density, it will lose smoothness, it will lose firmness, it’s going to get thinner, it’s gonna get fragile. And if you remove completely the fat patch unless you do you know a surgery that will tighten the skin and I’m not talking about skin tightening because there’s only so much skin tightening can do especially if you’re if you’re in your 50s and 60s.
I’m talking about you know, actually going snip snip and doing a tuck with your skin while you’re doing permanent fat removal like liposuction or something like that. Just keep in mind that the skin is not going to have anything to hang on to so it’s going to look a lot worse as you get older.

Obviously there are certain cases that it’s a little different but I just wanted you to be aware because most people will not spend the money to do surgery and do a Nip Tuck if they’re doing fat removal, permanent fat removal procedures. Okay, so just keep that in mind. Another example would be lip fillers.

So funny, funny background stories. I’ve I’ve been in the aesthetic field since I was like probably 15-16. So I’ve always worked with older esthetician, so obviously my mom was you know, she was the owner, but the staff was always the same around the same age as my mom. So all the estheticians that worked with us were probably a good 20 years older than me. And they had gone through all of these things because when you’re in the aesthetic field, you’re exposed to all these things, injections, treatments, products, you know, everything. So the girls that would work with us had done all these things, and I would always be worn to be like hey, think about this because when you get older this happens think about this because when you get older your skin does this.

So a lot of people today they do procedures when they’re in their 20s or early 30s But they don’t think about what it’s going to look like how like when their skin ages. So coming back to lip fillers. lip fillers are great but unfortunately it’s such a bad trend right now because it’s cuz it you know it’s cosmetic procedures. It’s not something to take lightly. It does change the morphology or however you say it It changes the way your lips are. Because when you think about it, a filler will make a hole right inside of your wherever the area that you’re injecting and we deposit yellow headache fillers, which will retain more water, which will give you the plump look. So people that do these big lips and these big cheeks. Eventually if they stop, they’re going to have a gap in between their skin layers, right depending how the injection is done. It can be done on the muscle or in between the skin layers. I’m not an objector. So I can’t tell you the exact the exact terms but depends there’s a few ways you can do injections however it does stretch out the skin. We have seen in the past people that are unfortunately obsessed with getting fillers, and their skin is so puffy that they’re getting broken capillaries and you know they can’t even open their eyes because they’re so stuffed up with fillers. And you know, it is what it is. It’s your body. It’s your choice. I’m not against injectables. I think you can do a lot of great things with injectables. But just be aware when you’re young and you’re doing all these procedures. Your skin will change and thin out as you get older.

So that gap that you’re getting done in your lips when you do lip fillers may look great when you’re 25 But when you get to 35,40, 45,50 … you’re going to be left with if you stop, you’re going to be left with that gap and as you get older you’re going to need to put more in usually that’s kind of how it goes. Because the skin thins out and the skin needs more. So unless you you never stopped doing fillers, it’s gonna look great, but there may come at a point in your life that you’re gonna have to stop doing fillers because of XYZ. And unfortunately that gap will be left there and I’ve seen that on a lot of older clients that I treat. A lot of them have been through the fillers route, which was great. Obviously it looks amazing. But as soon as they stop, they’re like, Oh my God, my skin has this gap and that it’s been stretched out right? Even though it’s the smallest amount it’s been stretched out. So you know I have to work with this because I stopped doing them. So I need to work on the quality of my skin because I’ve got this space and stretched out situation. So, again, I think injectables are great. I think you can do wonderful things with injectables. But just be aware that as you get older your skin will change and it will not look the same as you get older.

So that’s all I wanted to say today. I just want you to be more aware of these more permanent treatments that are available in the market. Some of them are awesome. Some of them you know they’re just trends and they’re not going to last. And others you just have to make sure that you understand how it’s going to affect your skin as you get older and some and that’s just it. There’s I’m not saying they’re good. I’m not saying they’re bad. I just want you to be more aware of what’s going to happen as you get older and a lot of providers do not tell you these things. The number of people that I’ve seen that when they say Oh, I had a consultation for this, this and that. And then I tell them all these things just to be aware of it, not to discourage them, but just to make sure that they’re they know what’s going to happen to their skin as they get older. It’s just because what I do, I like to give them the entire picture so that they make a good decision for themselves. And that’s only because I’ve worked with so many older providers, older institutions, not that it’s in that’s great because it gives me like I know, I know the secrets of what happens when you get older. So it’s important to think about that. So this to say I like to give someone the entire picture of what’s going to happen so that they can make a good decision for themselves.

So hopefully that gave you a little bit more awareness about permanent fat removal procedures and injectables. They are not bad. They’re not good. You just have to be aware of what of what’s going to happen to your skin as you get these procedures and as you get older because Yep, it’s a reality of things. That you’ve got to keep in mind.

So hopefully you guys are having a great day. It is February and for us the weather is going pretty well it’s we’ve got like a little mild stress going on which is very weird because usually in Canada it is like minus 30. The whole month of February and right now I think is two or three degrees. So that’s great. Don’t forget that you can reach us on social @metaesthetique, or you can send us an email hello@themetaesthetique.com – So I hope you guys are doing well and we will chat with you on the next episode.