E78: The realistic expectations you should have when getting into skin care treatments

I get it, we live in a world where expectations are very high, and we want results yesterday. Social media is not helping this case! Truth be told, there is no such thing as “fixing” someone’s skin issues in only one treatment, or with only one magic product. Think about it for a second, any skin disorder that you have took a long time to appear on your skin. It is NOT possible to reverse signs of aging in a minute. We have to remember that the skin is an organ, and it reflects what’s going on inside the body, so sometimes, yes, it throws us off course and we have to readjust! Not only that, but the external factors and daily habits will absolutely help (or not help!).

So, it’s time to get real, and to speak the truth about having realistic expectations when you’re jumping into a new routine, or a new skin program. What we’ll go over:

  • Different skin conditions and how we can treat them
  • Time frame to expect for various skin issues

Thanks for your kind listening ears, always


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