E74: How a stressed mind will influence your skin, and how to manage the negative effects

That negative mindset of stress has a fine little way of leaving a mark on our skin, without us even realizing it! It’s true, an overwhelmed mind will always reflect and sometimes, the signs can vary from: acne flare ups, eczema, hives, increased oil activity (sebum!), cold sores, rashes, and the list goes on. Not to mention the dark mindset that can send us in a vicious cycle, which will influence our outlook on everything happening to us, making everything *not fun*! The common thing all of these signs have, is that they are all linked to inflammation. So, how can we deal with this?

What you’ll learn:

  1. Understanding the “fight or flight” & how it triggers inflammation
  2. It’s ok not to do ALL the things, and it’s same for your skin, in the state of inflammation
  3. Self-care, a self-preservation tool to lower stress levels
  4. Topical activity that will lower inflammation levels on your skin – synergy between internal work, and external work.


Light Stim LED

Peace Booster

Aqua Calm Cream

Aqua Vital Serum

Hydra Soothing Mask

Gommage Biologique

Thanks for your kind listening ears, always – and find the ways to calm your inner self for the benefit of your self-preservation


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