E73: 3 Bad Habits I Abused of in My Twenties That Affected My Skin

We’ve all been there : not using SPF, not cleansing our skin properly, using Susie’s face cleansing brush right after her using it (ew..) you name it, I’ve heard it! Today, I wanted to share some of my “skin sins” that I’ve done in my teenage years, and twenties that have affected the look of my skin (in a negative way!)

The one good thing to know is that since our skin is an organ, it does have to capacity to repair itself when damage is happening. However, it keeps recurring that’s when the capacity of repair becomes less and less effective over time. The best way to prevent damage is to be aware of it before, and to be preventive with your daily habits.

Let’s see some one the damage:

  1. Sun beds & oil
  2. Junk food
  3. Falling asleep with a face full of makeup
  4. Using everyone’s products but my own

EEeek right?! Well, I didn’t realize it at time time either!


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What are some of the bad habits you’ve done in the past and KNEW were bad for you? Feel free to comment on our latest IG post and let me know!

Thanks for your kind listening ears, always


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