E69: How to start using retinol the right way (and avoid irritation!)

Retinol or retinoids (which is the prescription form) is a common ingredient that is being used to reverse signs of accelerated aging. As we get older, our skin’s metabolism slows down, and we always have to find creative ways to keep the collagen and elastin cells up from their lazy boys in order to keep our skin healthy.

The downside of using this ingredient is that it’s not being properly used, and most times, irritation and dryness occurs as a side effect. Unfortunately, many use retinol as a “quick fix” but in reality, it’s an ingredient that needs to be used slowly at first to not shock the skin, and it takes TIME until this ingredient actually shows effect.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Popular forms of retinol
  2. Retinol and acne
  3. Retinol and preventive care for aging skin
  4. How to deal with the potential irritation of using this ingredient
  5. Things you HAVE to take into consideration before jumping on the retinol train
  6. Frequency of use

Products mentioned:

  1. Swiss Line Youth Booster
  2. Swiss Line Essential Serum
  3. Swiss Line Smart Rich Cream
  4. Swiss Line Peace Booster

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