E65 (Season 2 Finale) Uncovering common beliefs: Do you believe these 4 skincare myths?

Do you sometimes hear skincare tips and you think ” I wonder if this is true…” For our Season finale, we uncover 4 very popular skincare myth that I cannot stand to hear on a daily basis, so why not break them down today as the season finale (don’t worry, we’ll be back in August!) :

✅Myth #1: The higher the SPF, the longer your skin is protected from the UV rays

✅Myth #2: If you’re inside, you don’t need to wear SPF as the rays don’t come inside your house

✅Myth #3: I can my face cream as my eye cream, and it’s totally fine.

✅Myth #4: If it hurts, it’s working.

There’s ONE more that I will share, but only in the podcast, so you’ll have to tune in 😎 – teaser, it’s about clean beauty.

Do you believe these are true or false? Or do you follow them? Have a listen so you can have a better understanding of HOW the skin works, as this will help you find the best recipe for ultimate healthy skin.

Once again, I thank you 100 times for tuning in every week! We will be back in August for the newest season 3 🙂

Emilie xo

PS: We will be back in August! Make sure you find us on social media as we are very active online and still provide a ton of free resources regarding skincare. We share weekly tips, product highlights and go LIVE once a week. We also have our weekly blog that you can find HERE

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