E64 Your 50s and 60s Retention Decades

As we go through loss of firmness, surface wrinkles, etc., an additional thing that can happen in your 50s and 60s (+), is that your skin has tendency to decrease in oil production. Yes, is doesn’t sound that bad, but when you start to feel the skin “crinkle” because you have very little nourishment, it’s time to trick the skin into RETAINING as much moisture and nourishment as possible.

What you’ll learn:

✔️ What happens to your oil activity in your 50s+
✔️ What you should add to your routine
✔️ RF Resurfacing – EMatrix for wrinkles
✔️ The 2 genetic ways you will age – “hollowers” or “saggers”

✔️ Let’s talk surgery vs non-surgical and the quality of the skin

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