E62: Skincare in your 30s the prevention decade

When you get into your 30s, you may start seeing subtle (but you notice them!) changes within your skin: sun spots are coming to the surface, surface wrinkles are starting to appear, you may have a genetic skin disorder that is starting to flare up (e.i. rosacea), some of us unfortunately start having hormonal acne, and the list goes on. Your 30s are THE decade to focus on PREVENTION. Your still at a good point where you produce collagen and elastin (although slower than in your 20s), which is a good thing at the system will respond very well to any procedure that you start getting into.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What prevention is all about
  2. Treatment you may want to start thinking about
  3. Which products you should be adding to your routine


Thanks for your kind listening ears, always


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