E61: Skincare in your 20s

Your 20’s are the most crucial decade when it comes to HOW your skin will age, and most people don’t know this. Most of the damage will happen in that decade, but it won’t show up immediately, that’s the hard part.

  1. How UV protection will save your skin
  2. How to care for your moisture barrier
  3. Stop using stripping cleansers
  4. For extra bougie-ness: what to get into

Podcast episodes:

  1. E55 How to optimize your daytime regimen for ultimate protection
  2. E56 How to optimize your nighttime regimen for better results

Products mentioned:

  1. ColoreScience Sun Protection
  2. Swiss Line Smart Cream Rich or Smart Cream
  3. Nouvelle Vie Cream
  4. Cleansers Hydra Tendre or Lait Hydrabeauté
  5. Swiss Line Boosters

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