E53: How to Fix Your Dryness OR Dehydration

Dehydration and dryness are two VERY different skin conditions. One lacks water and the other one will have a lack of oil. There’s different ways to fix each, and often times they look very similar to the human eye. This is where it’s so important to consult with you skin professional, because she or he will be able to ask you the right questions and will know what to look at when analysis your skin.

What you’ll learn:

  1. The difference between both
  2. One thing that most people avoid, but should be doing to help hydrate or nourish the skin
  3. How to treat each skin condition and how to prevent them
  4. Products recommended for each condition

Product links:

  1. For hydration: Hydrazone 
  2. For dry skin: Luxe Rich Cream
  3. Boosters

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