E49: How to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up energized with Lydia Di Francesco

Do you ever have a few nights in a row that you can’t seem to stay asleep throughout the night? Or are you perhaps an avid Netflix PM watcher and fall asleep in front of your phone, but always wake up not feeling energized? We all know that our sleeping patterns are crucial to having a healthy mind and a healthy body. For many of us, if we experience a few nights of broken sleep, we tend to not be ourselves: impatient, irritable and not feeling/looking our best.

This is where Lydia Di Francesco comes in to help us with our sleep, a Wellness Consultant, Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer. She’s also a Speaker, published Author, and mental health advocate.  She works with high-achieving women and organizations so that they can sustain peak performance without sacrificing individual wellness. She also helps women in their 40s/50s frustrated with poor sleep, low energy & weight gain to heal, lose weight & feel great again.

When you don’t have quality sleep, the body cannot repair itself. Lydia has very insightful tips to help us understand HOW to get that quality sleep again. This is a great interview to listen to!

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