E43: Rapid Aging and Inflammation

Have you ever heard the term “inflammaging“? It’s beginning to be a more common term in the skincare industry, because inflammation is one of the most common triggers to boost accelerated aging. Scary right? This means the longer you ignore the underlaying inflammation you may have, the more damage it can do on your skin. Not to worry, there are ways to reverse it, but you must take the right steps (e.i. go see a professional within the industry) because there are different factors that can cause inflammation, and they are not treated the same way.

What you’ll learn:
1. Causes for inflammation
2.  Signs of inflammation on the skin
3. What we can associate inflammation to
4. Best tools to “fix” this condition
5. Products to help

Swiss Line Age Intelligence Peace Booster
Swiss Line Age Intelligence Essential Serum
Swiss Line Age Intelligence Smart Cream
Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Calm Cream

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