E40: How to simplify your routine for traveling

Are you traveling for the holidays? Simplifying our skin routine for traveling is one of the hardest things to do! If you love taking care of your skin and doing all the steps to get your best looking complexion, it’s hard to know which steps are the most important, and what you can let go of for your traveling time. I have a few tips up my sleeve for this topic.

What you’ll learn:
1. The most important steps to NOT forget
2. Which SOS product you should bring
3. Which product you should bring full size, no matter what.
4. How to make your products “lighter” in weight.

I also want to say that we will be taking a two week break for the Holidays, and we’ll be back on January 11th for the first episode of 2022.

Thanks for your kind listening ears, always, and Happy Holidays!


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