Is your eye cream really effective?

How many times have you wondered if your eye cream really works? Is it just a marketing thing, or is it really effective?

First and foremost, I think there’s a massive misconception that an eye cream will “erase” all your wrinkles. Well, this is simply not true. Prevention is the name of the game here. Ultimately, the eye cream will help: keep the moisture in and protect your moisture barrier, and target specific needs that your eye contour has, that the rest of your face doesn’t have. Quick science fact, the skin around your eyes is much much thinner and contains less oil glands than the rest of your face, which is why its needs are totally different than the ones for the rest of your face. On top of that, the eye contour has a delicate aspect and is very much linked to our facial expression (hence, your eyes blink 10000 times a day, and the eye contour moves around so much depending on your facial expression), which is why the area tends to show signs of aging much quicker.

Now, two important things you should know about eye creams. First of all, they have specific targeted ingredients for the eye contour that your regular face moisturizer will never have. For example: horse chestnut extract, caffeine and peptides that will promote drainage. And secondly, ALL eye product are ophthalmologically tested, making your eye product SAFE to put around your eye. Don’t use your regular moisturizer around your eyes, it most likely has not been made for eye contour which can result in puffiness and/or a bad reaction. That’s the last thing you would want for your precious eyes! Don’t be afraid to spill the bucks for a targeted eye cream, because in 25 years you will be SO happy that you’ve been using one since your eye contour will be less damaged and much more healthy, supple and soft compared to those who don’t wear an eye product. The Guinot Longue Vie Yeux is the one I recommend, you get the most value for your buck, and it really does work.

What do you do about the “crows feet” as you age? Well, only Botox will be the solution if you don’t want any movement. Neuromodulators will “freeze” the injected muscles and you will no longer be able to contract then, making it efficient in a way that the lines will no longer appear. This works well in conjunction with using an eye cream, since injections DO NOT work on the QUALITY of your skin. No movement is nice, but if the quality of your skin is really bad (dull look, texture, hyperpigmentation, surface dryness, to name a few!), what’s the point? This is why I truly believe in PREVENTION CARE. The earlier you start taking care of yourself and your skin (you only have one after all!) the less damage you will have later in life to “fix up”.

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