How effective is your serum?

Do you ever feel like your moisturizer isn’t enough? Especially during the colder weather of the year? Well, it’s important to note that if you feel like your daily creams aren’t doing enough for your skin, the addition of a serum will most likely do the trick.

Nerd fact: A serum is 70x more concentrated than a cream. The molecular size of the ingredients is very very small, making it able to go wayyyy deeper within your skin layers than your moisturizer. Serums are very potent as well, they are made up of high performing ingredients. Usually, the consistency is much lighter, a soft gel or lotion type. Serums can be used to help your skin achieve a specific need that a moisturizer just can’t do. For example: fix your dryer skin during the colder months, help to resurface your old acne scars, or plump up your skin.

How do I incorporate the serum in my skincare routine?

The serum will always be the first thing you will put on after cleansing and toning your skin. The reasoning behind that is because you want the smallest molecule to penetrate deeper first, and then seal it off with you thicker molecule products (moisturizer or oil). If you do the opposite (thicker molecule first) your serum will not do what it’s suppose to do and will not be able to penetrate, as the moisturizer creates a seal. And you can’t have a serum sitting there on it’s own either, as it will evaporate too quickly. You need to put on the serum first, then moisturizer to protect it from evaporating.

What types of serums should I be looking for?

This really depends on your skin type. In general, everyone needs hydration, so hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular ingredients you will find for hydrating serums, as well as panthenol. If you’re looking for a more anti-aging one, keep an eye out for collagen, peptides and retinol. For calming a sensitive skin, you want to look for green tea extract, red algae, aloe vera, allantoin and zinc. Again, it really depends on your skin type, so asking a professional would be your best bet if you really have no idea what to get.

Some of our favorite serums at Meta:

In Swiss Line, we LOVE the Aqua Vital Serum for all year round use. It will leave your skin soft and plumped, which is exactly what our skin needs, especially in the colder weather months. It penetrates quickly to revitalize and provide the skin with visible long-lasting moisture plus adds the illusion of less visible pores. Instantly, the skin feels fresher, more supple and drenched with moisture, without any heaviness or greasy residue.

In Guinot, the are a big fan of the Longue Vie Serum, as it’s main goal is to lift, tones and regenerates the skin. It also aids in healing of devitalized skin. It’s their all time best serum, as it really works on regenerating the skin cells’ health to an optimal level.

In our natural line, the VitaLift Complex is a concentrate to smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of age spots. Nourishing, hydrating and protective. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Paraben Free.

Are you confused or not too certain of which serum would be good for your skin? Don’t worry, we can help you! Contact us at any time and we will gladly tell you which directions you should take 🙂

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